Mobilization Funding for sale 

Funding Mobilization pathways provide the amount of capital needed to cover costs before a project starts or is billed. This account may include the following: handover of related operating equipment and workers, installation of equipment at the site designated for the construction site, accommodation work, insurance services and payroll.

You will be able to calculate efficiently the payment required to complete and implement it productively without fear of associated risks, since the supply financing strategy provides a kind of financial cushion. This financing option allows contractors to select larger and larger projects, while providing them with full financial coverage of material and labor costs. You are eligible for mobilization funding immediately after you have signed the relevant agreement.

You can advance up to 10% of the total contract value and use the principles of mobilization financing in order to get the project started as quickly as possible. You will be able to carry out larger projects in this way, providing funding for both materials and labor.

  • First financing within 2-5 days
  • Personal lender
  • The decision making procedure is very fast
  • Open access to capital throughout the project
  • Maintaining financial balance
  • Procedure for preliminary verification of clients
  • No shares needed

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