SaaS Education Platform For Sale

A SaaS product is on sale for use in the news technology and education sector. This product is over two years old. This software has eight different applications with which entrepreneurs can create new projects and manage their own online business. Now, the product is used by about 2000 customers. About 50-100 new consumers turn to the services of the site every month. The customer turnover and the company’s income are constantly growing.

The SaaS site, which was built with Symfony and the AWS SDK, is equipped with a system to evenly distribute traffic among the top three pages. The traffic with the highest volume is direct, the rest are social and referral structures. The site receives traffic from the following countries: USA, IN and ES. This offer includes empty domains that are not in operation, as well as the main domain called DR 73. On the site, the content is divided into thematic niches, in each of which customers will be able to offer certain functions of the corresponding software.

This offer also includes email addresses that are not currently monetized. This gives the potential buyer the opportunity to grow and develop the product in a new direction. In addition, in order to attract new consumers, the seller used a Facebook ad launch. This will increase your traffic. The salesperson personally spends approximately 20 hours a week supporting and running the business. This activity includes direct interaction with clients, the process of configuring the server, and developing new options. There are services from developers that are offered for a fee.

Real estate: included in the price.
Reason for the sale: The seller is interested in other business activities.
You can manage a project from home.
The project can be moved.

Asking Price: On request

For details:

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