MAS Capital Markets Services (CMS) License Firm for sale

Key Singapore CMS Forex License Features and Benefits:

• Setting up a financial firm in Singapore, one of the World’s leading Financial Centre
• Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) voted one of the best Central Bank in the World
• Low Corporate Tax of 17%
• No withholding tax on dividends and interest

Details of this transaction

1. The Firm was licensed in late 2010s.

2. Shares capital requirement is SGD2,000,000 (about USD1,500,000).

3. Liquidity requirement as prescribed by MAS is SGD1,000,000 (about USD750,000).

4. CMS License include the next permissions: a. Dealing in Capital Markets Products; b. Spot Foreign Exchange Agreements for the Purposes of Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading; c. Over-The-Counter Derivatives Agreements.

5. The Firm also received Exempt Financial Adviser status and is allowed the following exception: a. Advising on Investment Products; b. Spot Foreign Exchange Contracts for the Purposes of Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading; c. Spot Foreign Exchange Contracts other than for the Purposes of Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading; d. Over-The-Counter Derivatives Contracts.

6. License Limitations: • Able to provide services to High Net Worth Individuals; • Able to provide services to Professional Clients/Institutions.

7. The Firm is attractive to buyers who want to be a Liquidity Provider servicing the B2B markets or provide FX brokerage services to accredited and high net worth investors (less retail clients).

8. Possible to apply for upgrade to include servicing retail clients or additional permission to include Fund Management.

9. Purchase price of the firm comes with the following: a. 1 x Operating Bank Account b. 1 x Clients’ Assets Holdings Bank Account c. 1 x Metaquotes MT5 license. MAS Capital Markets.

10. The Firm has a clean client record with no open or unresolved legal issues.

11. The Firm does not have local directors or licensed representatives but consultant is able to assist in the hiring process.

12. Buyers have a choice of taking over current office location or seek new premise and they could be assisted with it.

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