Eternity Law International Major Steel Erection Fabrication Company for sale 

Major Steel Erection Fabrication Company for sale 

September 21, 2020

The main specialization of this Major Steel Erection Fabrication Company is the installation of steel structures and the application of coatings for specialized purposes, as well as the implementation of small operations to improve working conditions for tenants and for the construction of large-format buildings in a complete complex. For your knowledge fabrication is the process where you bring together different standardized manufactured structural steel parts. The parts are then welded, assembled, or ‘fabricated’ together. Thus, the entire process of fabrication is considered to create steel structures, machinery, and other such components made of structural steel. In addition, the company offers several other services, such as the installation of fences and gates, engineering services, ancillary services, steel fabrication for structures, etc. The company’s dedicated team includes welders, detailing workers, manufacturers and experienced executives. They all specialize in projects for commercial or residential multi-storey or single-storey dwellings.

The company has licenses C-14B, C-14C, C-14E, C-14G, C-14H. The owner can negotiate to establish terms of income for the buyer that will fit all requirements. The owner will remain with the company for some time to make the integration process as easy as possible for the new owner. A serious seller who has a professional accountant diploma submitted this offer. In addition, the seller has all the necessary papers that are ready to be comprehensively checked, including the corresponding tax returns, property lease agreements, lists with a full description and listing of the equipment used, reports on financial activities, etc.

The company leases an area of ​​5300 sq. feet. The seller actively cooperates with a staff of 27 employees who are professionals in their sphere. 

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