Industrial Chemical Manufacturer for sale

This manufacturer is involved in the sphere of industrial chemicals which are substances that are involved in large-scale production, chemical reactions used in industries. They could be organic (used in the food and agricultural industries, the fuel industry, in the production of plastic and polymer materials; this group of chemicals includes ethylene glycol, ethyl acetate, acetone and other substances; compounds of carbon with compounds are studied in the organic chemical industry) and inorganic (these include compounds; this group includes hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda, concentrated nitric acid and other substances).

The company that is mentioned managed to obtain state-type contracts for the supply of GSA and Fed Mil-strip products, which allow any representatives of military units and other government agencies to purchase their products in large quantities and in unlimited quantities.

The company is engaged in the production of a fairly diverse range of materials that are necessary in the relevant industries, such as floor coverings in residential and renovation premises, absorbents that eliminate the effect of hazardous substances, disinfectants for COVID 19, soaps, products that help to control odors and eliminate unpleasant environments, lubricants, degreasing agents, etc.

This business project is intended for those clients who operate in the chemical industry. The company brings to the market such products, which are created using the latest technological structures, which help to meet all the needs of various enterprises in terms of maintenance.

This offer is unique because of its variety of directions. You can’t lose the opportunity to buy it.

Asking price: on request.

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