Alluvial&Hard Rock Gold In Ghana

Location: Ghana, Eastern Region, Approximately 75 Km NW of Accra

Area: total –  27.55Km2

Resource Estimation: based On Exploration Work Done

Total Estimated Ounces (Based On Work Done)  – 253,375 Ounces.

The exploration work done was on the alluvial gold deposit on the two concessions with a global resource in excess of 200,000 ounces within the proven and probable resources category.

Gold mineralization in the area is free gravity gold and do not require the use of complex extraction gold treatment plant and chemicals.

Both properties are under Mining Leases. Mining Leases and mine operating permit are undergoing renewal and documentations have been submitted to the minerals commission for renewals. More than USD 200,000 will be required to renew both Mining Leases and Operating Permits.

Great hard rock potential as concession is right on the Winneba Kibi Gold Belt and the source of gold is believed to have come from immediate surrounding hills.

Cash flow from alluvial operations can be used to explore and develop hard rock potential.

Free gold extractible by gravity method on the alluvial gold.

Existing Mining Lease, EPA Permit and mine operating permit that all need to be renewed and can be done within a period of two weeks for commercial operations to begin.

Small insignificant portion was mined in the past.

Historical geological records show the presence of ilmenite and other minerals as by-product which will need further investigation.

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