Machine Shop with services for sale 

Machine Shop with services for sale 

This Machine Shop is dedicated to the provision of services, as well as the design and manufacture of special tools and devices for special purposes, which include metal stamping weighing up to 600 tons, turning and milling using CNC, welding, engineering, as well as services for the re-production of industrial pumps.

The company’s clients are representatives of various industries; therefore the company receives income from various sources. Basically, the sources of the company’s profit are the following areas: outdoor energy, HVAC, aerospace, electrical engineering, trade and rail transport. In addition, the company has income from presses and stampings. The total area of ​​the company’s working facility is 70 thousand sq. feet. To carry out the refurbishment, the company rents an additional 30 thousand sq. feet.

The company itself was founded about 40 years ago. At the moment, the seller wants to sell the company’s shares. The key management team consists of minority partners (one of them is an operations manager who is ready to work in the company for the next several years). Today, industrial capacities are loaded with only 35%.

The majority owner of the company is approximately sixty years old. For the most part, he is temporarily absent, but owns shares and real estate. The property is intended for rent or full purchase. Each of the company’s customers is a major representative of their industry, which generates revenue from product sales valued in millions of dollars. This income is generated through the distribution of services and activities, which include stamping, use of CNC machines, use of specialized machinery and industrial pumps. The plant itself is ideally located as it is close to the Fortune companies.

The final price, which would be set and offered directly by the owner, is not yet available. The terms of the deal can be agreed in favor of one side or the other. Real estate is not required to purchase. The seller will give preference to the buyer who takes a strategic approach to business and is interested in working with new sources of investment. The offer is intended only for immediate future managers.

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