Highly Profitable Turn-Key Niche Marketing Company for sale 

Highly Profitable Turn-Key Niche Marketing Company for sale 

This offer is a wonderful and unique opportunity to buy a marketing company that is generating high profits at this stage and has great potential for growth and further development in its industry. The marketing company develops and distributes a unique product for the marketing market. The firm has already developed a solid customer base, which it seeks to grow and maintain.

It should be noted that this firm is not a telemarketing or consulting firm that works towards providing specific products or services to help businesses increase their reach and support their business projects. This business is a contract business, which means that all clients must sign contractual agreements in order to receive services within a certain period. Upon expiration of the contract, the agreement must be renegotiated. 85% of the company’s income comes from regular customers who turn to the services of these specialists again.

The leader who has basic skills in the business and organizational field, as well as is endowed with the ability to interact with consumers can successfully develop this project. This turnkey enterprise will bring its owner a stable income in large quantities, as well as excellent prospects for expansion.

This business is a good opportunity for those companies looking to add a new, innovative type of marketing product to their existing arsenal. If at this stage of your business you are the owner of a company with an underutilized staff, the proposed company will be the ideal addition to your main business. The owner, who is now the owner of the business, only devotes 30 hours a week to work with the company. At the same time, the income level remains high.

The business project is additionally qualified in order to receive funding from the SBA.

Main provisions of the proposal

  • Sales and profits increase by 12% on average per year.
  • Revenue from contracts with clients is about 85% per year. In this way, profits are generated without any additional sales effort by the team. The contract can also be renewed automatically.
  • The customer base includes a large number of customers, many of whom are long-term partners.
  • One client accounts for about 3% of the total income.
  • A business project can be easily moved and managed from home.
  • Quite low requirements are imposed on working capital. This project has no debts, so the buyer does not need to additionally borrow funds from his/her bank.

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