Digital Online Bank Platform for sale

This digital online bank platform is located in Singapore which is one of the most developed and prosperous bank region in the world

Sales revenue: available on demand

Cash flow: available on demand

Traditional banks are business projects with a high level of income. However, running this business also requires extremely high financial costs.

A license to operate a digital platform for online banking is offered for sale. With this platform, you can receive money from every transaction that your users make. We, and not only we, but also a good half of investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world, believe that the future of the business sphere lies in cashless payments. That is why more and more people are using their mobile gadgets and access to the global network to carry out such operations which make our life easier.

Users can deposit, withdraw or transfer money (and resort to other banking services) from the comfort of their own home, which is very useful during the quarantine, which began due to the spread of COVID19 around the world. Operations are carried out using any gadget: mobile phone, laptop, tablet or computer.

Support and Training: Support and training will be provided for as long as the purchaser needs (additional information).

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