Eternity Law International Forex brokers Operating FCA IFPRU €125K Matched Principal Licensed Brokerage for sale

Operating FCA IFPRU €125K Matched Principal Licensed Brokerage for sale

April 22, 2021


  • STP license, serviced office,
  • Employees: 3 Directors, some of the required functions outsourced to group company staff
  • Corporate bank account & client bank account at Barclays
  • Software: OneZero Hub, no MT4/MT5
  • Client base
  • Operating for a few years, experienced senior management
  • Nearly $1M in reported losses, to be offset against future profits.

License permissions:

  • Arranging (bringing about) deals in investments
  • Dealing in investments as agent
  • Dealing in investments as principal (matched principal only)
  • Making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments

Investment Type:

  • Commodity Future
  • Contract for Differences (excluding a spread bet and, a rolling spot forex contract and a binary bet)
  • Future (excluding a commodity future and a rolling spot forex contract)
  • Option (excluding a commodity option and an option on a commodity future)
  • Rights to or interests in investments (Contractually Based Investments)
  • Rolling spot forex contract

Customer Type: Eligible Counterparty; Professional

Limitations: Matched Principal Broker

NOTE: to receive the name & price of the company, NDA should be signed and Buyer’s Passport & Proof of funds should be presented.

Additional details:


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Dreikonigstrasse, 31A, Stockerhof


Baseina street, 7


Grosvenor Gardens, 52


1629 K St. Suite 300 N.W.


Gediminas Avenue, 44A


Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri 19


Lochrin Square, 1


Jacovides Tower, 5 floor


Esplanade, 7 floor

Hong Kong

18 Harbour Road, 35/F, Central Plaza, Wanchai


Level 42, Suntec Tower Three, 8 Temasek Boulevard


20 Martin Place


2609 Avenida da Boavista


Revaz Tabukashvili Str., N 45, area N 7