Estonian company with FIU license for sale

Estonian company with FIU license for sale

Here is presented FIU licensed company in Estonia for sale. 

Purchase Estonian company with FIU license!

Declared activity of financial company in Estonia for sale: financial organization (with this license the company has the right to carry out loan operations to legal entities without additional licensing). This license is compulsory for all participants in the Estonian financial market, and is basic for obtaining any additional license for other activities (among others: EMI, API, credit intermediary, etc).

Share capital: 12000 EUR (fully paid).

Year of registration: 2019

Company account: Paysera, UAB.

Terms of sale:

  1. Change of name.
  2. Change of address upon sale or renegotiation of the contract with a new owner.
  3. The previous owner dismisses himself as a member of the management board.

The company conducted minimal activity. Income – less than 10,000 EUR for the entire period from consulting activities; expenses – accounting (outsourcing) office, communication.

There are no unresolved legal disputes.

It is possible to renegotiate an accounting service agreement with a new owner.

The company has a developed software (crowdfunding platform), which is NOT included in the cost of this transaction for the sale of the company. Upon sale, this company will be removed from the site as the platform operator. The company has not made a single transaction to raise funds from investors and finance legal entities on this platform.

If a potential client is interested, the seller can offer the development and revision of the existing version of the platform for his needs. The cost is negotiated additionally.

Reason for the sale: the company changed its territorial plans.

Price for buying Estonian company with FIU license: / Telegram @juliazhil

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