UK FCA Regulated API&FX Business

UK FCA Regulated API&FX Business

A company recently incorporated in the UK. It is a payment institution that is regulated by a designated FCA representative. The institution is not limited in transfers made around the world and offers unique banking-type services regarding the transfer of funds.

The company regularly updates all documents and has partner licenses, as well as fulfills other requirements. The institution is fully prepared to conduct trading operations, subject to confirmation from the new directors.

Structure and components of the company

  • Unique mechanism for making money transfers and currency exchange within the UK.
  • Offline accounts in US dollars, pounds sterling and euros.
  • All major currencies are liquid at a common rate.
  • Availability of its own trading platform with multi-level permissions, variable currency spreads, and the ability to manage beneficiaries, rewrite spreads, create payment transactions, register transactions, etc.
  • Software designed for automatic payments, currency exchange and customer integration. Automated customer registration procedure with face recognition mechanism. You can open an account in a few minutes.
  • CRM-portal designed to manage relationships between customers and beneficiaries, and to keep records of transactions.
  • The company complies with the requirements put forward by unilateral organizations, including regarding the attraction of private or corporate clients, monitoring transactions, FCA reporting, annual audits and others.
  • A branded debit card program for customers is available.
  • Services for opening an IBAN client account in euros, US dollars and pounds sterling.
  • New collection solutions.
  • A managed, active and integrated website, all functions of which are automated.

The company offers services for conducting money transactions, currency exchange, issuing prepaid debit cards and services for a client’s IBAN account, intended for businesses and individuals around the world.

The company has been authorized by the FCA as a money transfer institution, and has been licensed by FX as an established UK authorized payment institution. However, an enterprise is eligible to issue a personal direct license for a period of 6 to 12 months as an additional option if required to comply with FCA requirements.

Includes FCA Compliance and Operations Manuals. The company can operate from anywhere in the UK. The company has physical offices to comply with the regulatory requirement.

It is a fully regulated foreign currency transfer business, including banking money transfer services with no transaction restrictions.

  • No debt obligations.
  • A new system based on a specialized mechanism for making bank transfers.
  • Enhanced compliance and regulatory framework.
  • Money transfer services, currency exchange, full operating platform and banking. Software included.

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