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October 9, 2020

Cannabis license in the United States of America

Cannabis License in the U.S. Businesses worldwide are subject to licensing, permits, and registration standards. While protecting tax order and public safety they are different from country to country and from industry to industry.

Hereinafter we are going to display the main requirements for the cannabis (hemp) industry in the USA.

Worldwide this industry is heavily regulated. For example, licensing criteria are harsh in each country where such business activities are allowed.

The USA gives to entrepreneur a vast list of business benefits from permits to work with hemp. Different states outstand with their requirements sometimes requirements vary from city to city. Kind of your activities are also of a great importance (for example, manufacturing goods vs. retail).

Company formation, permissions and licenses obtaining, other requirements are essential.

We prepared a summary of licensing basics you be informed about before you are going to start up a cannabis business.


Basic requirements are common throughout the USA states where cannabis is permitted. Remember, requirements can vary due to local regulations of states and cities.

  1. Legal entity forming: Incorporating your business or forming a limited liability entity is important because it allows to protect founders’ (owners’) personal assets from any debts and liabilities that their business may have.
  2. TIN: Tax identification number, aka The USA Internal Revenue Service uses it for taxes matters.
  3. General Licenses: All business entities in the USA should obtain General business license and renew them every year. Note: This license will not allow to run a full cannabis business.
  4. Sales Tax Permit: Typical tax. State and local sales taxes will need such permission.
  5. Permits: Different permits exist for different types of activities. For example, health department permit is needed if your business deal with foods.


The situation is close to general requirements. Local regulations are of a great importance and requirements vary from state to state. Some states permit limited number of licenses meanwhile others have special period with opened opportunities to apply for a license.

Owners may face requirements to their nationality and background. The same requirements may be for founders.


One of the variants is the State Secretary Office. The process is about filing paperwork. But in most of cases you will have to deal with local agencies eligible for cannabis activities licensing.


Legal regulations differ from operations that take place with hemp. Growing, retailing, goods manufacturing or investment.

Employees Requirements 

Some states have additional requirements for your entity staff. They differ from education level to obtaining special cards from authorities (as it’s in Nevada).

The Value of Local Regulations

Some cities have local restrictions for cannabis business activities even though their state allows such.

Be Attentive and Patient

Starting up a cannabis business in the USA may seem hard and complicated. But it is not so complicated as it may seem. All you will need is knowing requirements, stick to laws and regulations, plan your best, prepare wisely and use your knowledge.

Using above mentioned information will lead you to legal profits from this attractive business.

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