Australian financial license

Australian financial license – there are many opportunities for successful business. The field of financial services is one of the most demanded and does not stop developing.

But in order to conduct business in the field of financial activity, you will need to obtain a license from the kangaroo country’s regulator.

It is this permissive documentation that enables the organization or company to perform work related to the provision of financial products to consumers:

Here are the main fin. products:

  • payment acceptance;
  • money transfers for third parties;
  • currency exchange operations;
  • derivatives;
  • financial advice;
  • fulfillment of deposits for third parties;
  • transactions with digital currency.

Company registration in Australia is part of the licensing process.

Also, this procedure includes collecting the required documentation, opening an account with a banking institution and preparing an application for registration of financial. license permission and accompanying papers.

It should be noted that the founders of the company may be persons who are not tax residents of Australia. An account must be opened with a local banking organization.

To register your own company or open a bank account, the client does not need a personal presence. These procedures can be carried out remotely.

A must for a financial institution in Australia is the presence of senior executives with the required qualifications and knowledge in finance.

The complexity of your business determines the number of directors.

Here are the basic requirements for obtaining an Australian financial license:

  • employees with the necessary qualifications in the field of finance;
  • reasonable reasons for starting this activity;
  • clear business plan;
  • all founders and directors are required to comply with standards and requirements;
  • the amount of money needed to start work;
  • Approved Anti-Money Laundering Program (AML);
  • other additional documentation.


Only a legal address is required; the existence of a real office is not mandatory. It is necessary to submit reports without fail. Accounting is carried out every year.

The audit is conducted upon request of the regulator. In the case  the total transactions for a particular client did not exceed Australian $ 100 thousand, it is possible to avoid capital requirements.

If you need quality services in obtaining a financial license in Australia, contact the professionals of our company. We offer legal assistance for adequate money.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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