AFSL Licensed Company for Sale

AFSL Licensed Company for Sale

Main advantages of the offered AFSL licensed company for sale commercial structure.

  1. There is an official license in New Zealand, as well as Australia with FMA and ASIC.
  2. Huge potential for further business development.
  3. The company is located in Auckland and is registered as an overseas business in Australia.
  4. There are active accounts in two banks both for trust client accounts and for other transactions. These are accounts in leading Australian (National Australia Bank Limited) and New Zealand (ASB Bank Limited) banks.
  5. There are in addition four bank accounts in other jurisdictions.
  6. Licenses that are submitted in South Africa to the FSCA and in Dubai to the DFSA.
  7. Two active reliable payment service providers and four other open accounts that allow you to use credit cards, make payments and open deposits in mobile banking.
  8. AFSL licensed company for sale has almost 10 years of experience and successful cooperation with regulatory authorities.
  9. Two New Zealand resident directors.

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