Eternity Law International News What are some promising digital currencies to invest in?

What are some promising digital currencies to invest in?

October 4, 2018

Of little importance is the fact that today the cryptocurrency market is developing very actively. If you want to make a serious investment and plan to invest in funds, then it is important for you to learn how to choose the right digital coin for a more reliable investment.

For this reason, in order to choose the right project for investment, we analyzed the following important factors. The first includes the monetary capitalization. The larger it is, the more confident the cryptocurrency market platform feels.

In addition, large capitalization is a major incentive to increase the rate. The second factor is the ideological idea behind the foundation of digital currencies. The more promising and interesting it is, the greater the likelihood of gaining even more profitability in the future.

The third factor is the reputation of the founders of the platform and the maintenance of the system by the group. The community helps to maintain the platform in a state of operation. If people do not perform their direct duties well, then even a very promising business project is doomed – it will not be able to survive for a long time and will quickly get lost among the crowd of competitors.

In 2018, we recommend investing in digital currencies immediately into the next ten coins, whose position, reputation and capitalization are among the most promising in the market today.


Today, Bitcoins are out of competition. For depositing money, this digital currency is one of the most popular. Unanimously, experts say that it is in Bitcoin today that it is worth investing money.

Of course, few people will argue that bitcoins are the only correct option for investing funds, but at least a couple of thousand dollars makes sense to invest in bitcoins. Do not look at the fact that today the course is stagnating.

During its existence, this digital coin has already been able to clearly prove its prospects – it can rise in price by tens or even hundreds of times. In addition, remember that Bitcoin is the first digital coin. All other cryptocurrencies started from it. Today, everyone knows bitcoin, and it makes a lot of sense for digital coins, the course of which is dictated by their popularity.

So, to summarize, once again we single out the main reasons why you should definitely invest in Bitcoin:

– the highest price volatility – today the price of bitcoins is six and a half thousand dollars, but recently their price was more than twenty thousand dollars;

– the highest and most reliable status among all known digital currencies, bitcoin is the progenitor of already existing digital currencies;

– universality of the blockchain technology, which, as planned, will be used not only in financial, but also in other areas;

– the world recognition of Bitcoin as a completely legal means for making payments – for example, in Japan, this currency has a completely legal status;

– Presence on the BTC futures on the largest exchanges in the United States of America.

And you can list the benefits for a long time – ad infinitum. But you need to mention the negative points. For example, a blockchain network is sometimes very congested, which can be expected to wait for the passage of transactional payments for a long time.

Commission interest can also make users less happy – many of the emerging cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin have cheaper and faster transactions. Fortunately, the developers did not sit on their hands, they tried to solve this puzzle by running several forks. And about one of them will be discussed below.


In the list of TOP-coins for cryptocurrency capitalization today, Ethereum takes the second place of honor, briefly losing the “palm” for Ripple. Ethereum is attractive for value-investing customers hundreds of times over a single year.

Of course, such a financial leap can only help the fact that more and more investors want to invest money in cryptocurrency. In addition, if you trust the forecast for 2018, this cryptocurrency will be in a state of stagnation long enough until the effect of the failing ICOs bound to Ethereum is over.

However, this does not mean that the rate of ETH will not grow dozens or hundreds of times during the year, thanks to the trading of “Whales” cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look at other Ethereum characteristics that make this digital coin so interesting for investment.

The first point is that Ethereum was the first to launch the smart contract technique. The second point is the ever-increasing cost, which has gone up since 2014. Almost as soon as this digital currency was launched. Now the price for Ethereum is about three hundred dollars.

The fourth point is that there is no limited amount of coins, therefore, it is possible to do mining without any control.

The fifth point is that it is possible to recreate decentralized secure applications on the platform of ethereum, and these already function successfully today. For example, a small crowdfunding platform “Weifund” has already been launched, or a subsystem for predicting “Augur” events.

The sixth point is that it is possible to conduct an ICO online to attract investment in their projects.

The seventh moment – some innovations regularly occur in the system, due to which Ethereum remains the same interesting and promising currency.

Eighth point – you can directly exchange your digital coins for dollars without intermediaries.

It is interesting to use Ethereum to numerous reputable companies that work today in the field of programming. But a lot of digital coins are extremely difficult to immediately acquire by investing due to the relatively high price of Ethereum, as in Bitcoin.


Lightcoin is not only a digital currency, but also a peer-to-peer system where this cryptocurrency is involved. Today it is in fifth position in terms of capitalization. Lightcoins are also one of the most ancient digital coins.

Lightcoins appeared after the bitcoins, and more than worthily, they are holding onto the current market. Of course, today the price for one lightcoin will be much more modest than one bitcoin, but for investing in cryptocurrency, this is also a very promising option.

To start trading, you do not need a very large capital, you just need only a couple of thousand dollars to start making money on lightcoins.

There are several explanations for why it is profitable to invest money in lightcoins. First, this digital coin was able to pass the test of time. It is present on the market for a long time. Like many other cryptocurrencies, Lightcoins could also remain “in the tail”, but now this digital coin occupies exclusively leading positions.

Secondly, Lightcoats are quoted on almost any modern stock exchange. And that is why they can be bought without any problems. Thirdly, the rate of operational processing in this system will be much higher than that of the same bitcoins and other similar digital coins.


Binancecoin was launched based on the ERC20 Ethereum. These are the first digital coins launched on cryptocurrency exchanges. From the name of this digital currency it is already becoming clear that its native exchange marketplace is Binance, one of the largest in the world.

Despite the still short history of its existence, capitalization of Binancecoin allowed her to secure the sixteenth position in the general list of cryptocurrencies. We recorded it in our rating for another reason, because there is a stable interest in the project.

This digital coin was initially allowed to start in order to increase user interest in the exchanges. The creators of this process have successfully managed to bring to life. Tokens began to acquire with the simple goal in order to have discounts on cryptocurrency exchanges.

But, alas, this discount will be annually reduced only twice. In the first year there will be a fifty percent discount. In the second year, it will be twenty-five percent. On the third – twelve and a half percent. And on the fourth, for example, almost seven percent. And so on, in the same spirit.

Thus, Binancecoin should be considered according to the calculations of cryptocurrency discount. But, given stock exchange popularity, the token rate can grow up to twelve US dollars.

And this is definitely not a limit in this regard. In addition, the plans include an upgrade of the platform, after which the BNB will be used to transact and pay all commissions on the exchanges. This will increase the monetary value to new horizons.


This digital coin entered the market only in August 2017. But it is already in the rating of leaders of cryptocurrency. It has the fourth position in terms of capitalization, and the quotation at the rate of six hundred and twenty-nine dollars. Possible explanation for the popularity is that this is Bitcoin fork.

In addition to BitcoinCash, the Bitcoins themselves can “boast” with other forks as well, although at present, no other fork of Bitcoin has been able to acquire such a volume of popularity for such a short time.

But it remains a fact that both digital coins increased in value after the division into two completely independent of each other currency units. To date, the activity of this fork looks very prestigious.

It is worth recalling a couple of moments that will make this token attractive for active investment. Firstly, this expansion of block capacity to eight megabytes – this will automatically accelerate the transaction speed of the intranet voltage.

Secondly, this is a reduction in commission percent – recently commissions and their huge percentages have ceased to arrange cryptocurrency communities.

Thirdly, the moments on the difficulty of obtaining digital coins began to change much more often than in the native grid.

Fourthly, the legendary personality Roger Ver spoke about the fact that BitcoinCash is the real face of Bitcoin. It seems that this is exactly how bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto imagined. Of course, only time will, in fact, confirm whether BitcoinCash will be a long-running project, or is it just a digital coin that grows in value and collects hype around itself.


We recommend investing in Ripple because this digital coin was originally developed for financial industries. Its essence is to conduct interaction with the banking structures of the world scale.

Each time, this digital coin increases in cost, as soon as the Internet begins to publish news about what happened next test network banking institutions. To date, this token conducts trade at $ 0.56, but in December last year, its value rose to three and a half dollars.

But even the current cost of Ripple looks advantageous, given that in early 2017, this digital coin was purchased for only 0.0065 dollars.

Of course, investors who did not sign up for a moment and did not sell tokens, while they remained in the top positions, did not gain much benefit. At the same time, they also did not suffer any losses. Then does it make sense to invest in digital coins?

Of course, despite the instantaneous ups and downs, digital coin is still a promising option for depositing money. And this can be a logical explanation. Firstly, Ripple does not provide an opportunity to strengthen the implementation of payment transactions.

At the expense of Ripple commission interest and transaction costs were reduced. Ripple – relatively speaking – this is the “favorite” of such major companies as Santander, Abu Dhabi Bank, UniCredit. Based on this, we can say about the weighty and powerful positions in this business project.

Ripple has a very small commission rate for transactions. At the same time, it is not burned. That is why over time it may become less and less tokens. This will not allow Ripple to cheapen, that is, this digital coin will give excellent and stable long-term investments.

For investment advice, please contact Eternity Law International experts.

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