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Ways to obtain the citizenship

July 16, 2019

Ways of obtaining the citizenship

Ways of obtaining citizenship. Citizenship is the legal relationship of a person with the state in which he lives, a list of mutual rights and obligations of an individual and the state. Citizenship can be obtained in such legal ways:

  1. after birth;
  2. by territorial affiliation by birth;
  3. on the basis of receipt;
  4. upon renewal;
  5. due to the establishment of guardianship or guardianship;
  6. after receiving one or two parents.

The list of conditions for obtaining citizenship is not exhaustive. Ukrainian legislation and international treaties regulate this issue. Depending on the purpose of obtaining and difficulties in collecting documents, difficulties may arise for citizens of Ukraine or foreigners.

For example, the adoption of citizenship involves the filing of an individual petition, the fulfillment of certain requirements (permanent location on the territory for the required time, the general level of culture and language skills, the presence of permanent income and lack of citizenship in other countries).

In each individual case, the conditions vary. To minimize the waste of precious time and effort, you can contact the law firm Eternity Law International.Highly qualified specialists will provide legal assistance in any matters at the proper level.

Ways of obtaining citizenship in Ukraine

There are two methods of obtaining (processing) Ukrainian citizenship:

  1. accelerated;
  2. standard.

The first case is applicable for that category of citizens, which has significant and weighty reasons: close relatives in Ukraine, the applicant was previously a Ukrainian citizen and intends to restore citizenship. The exact order will be formed by experts of the law firm Eternity Law International.

The standard procedure involves obtaining citizenship after the issuance of the Decree of the President of Ukraine. Terms vary from 1.5 years to an indefinite time. This is a complex, monotonous and rigorous procedure that requires knowledge in the legal field.

Temporary certificates are issued to foreigners who have become citizens of Ukraine. They will receive a passport after they cease to be citizens of their country or provide a declaration where they renounce their citizenship.

Registration of citizenship is a laborious and lengthy process, requiring the preparation of a multitude of papers.

  1. Declaration of desire to become a citizen.
  2. Applicant’s passport. If necessary, you need to make a translation and notarize it.
  3. 8 matte photos format 35 × 45 mm.
  4. Immigration permit and copy.
  5. Certificate of official income or confirmation from the bank about the availability of funds in the account.
  6. The certificate of good conduct, as well as a copy.

The company Eternity Law International offers clients a solution to organizational and representative issues. This will reduce the time for registration of citizenship of Ukraine. Get a consultation.

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