USA ready-made companies

USA ready-made companies

Firm establishment in America takes place quite quickly and, if you use the services of professionals, then without worries and extra costs. In all states of America, the enterprise must have not only an official legal address, but also an agent who resolves all the nuances with local authorities. USA ready-made companies are an option accessible to all entrepreneurs, which makes it possible to start activities in this market as soon as possible, while having guarantees of a successful launch and full compliance with local laws.

In which state is it better to register company in USA?

Mostly, the choice of state depends on the direction of the company that you plan to establish. If, for example, you will be engaged in trade and plan to further bring the business to the international market, then Nevada, Wyoming or Texas will be good options, where there are zero taxes on income from this type of activity.

In addition, it’s important to be aware about registration fees for each year. The amount of these fees can vary greatly from state to state. Another rather significant point that needs to be taken into account selecting a state for organization establishment is the reputation of the state itself. For example, the state of Nevada, with a 0% income tax-rate, has perfect reputation and, in addition, strongly supports the development of the IT sector. This state is most suitable for opening an IT enterprise, unlike the state of Delaware, which is now very unfavorable for registering a company with a foreign beneficiary.

What is needed to set up companies in the USA?

The collection of documents that are required from businesspersons to establish firm in United States of America is quite simple. Photocopies of all papers are sent for registration, since this jurisdiction does not require the provision of originals.

You will need to provide photocopies of the passports of the founders of the company, the address where the mail will be sent, as well as phone number.

It’s necessary to come up with and indicate future name of the enterprise, as well as two fallback options in case the name is not completely unique during verification.

The period of registration of a company in America and opening account

A company in the US opens quite quickly, in just 7-14 days. Period for which you will receive account varies in dependence on which banking institution you choose and whether you can be present at opening in person. Ordinarily, term of creating account does not exceed 7 days. We advise you to start opening an account immediately after registering an enterprise, since a company without a bank account can cause a lot of suspicion from the authorities.

The advantage of having a bank account in America is, first of all, banking secrecy. Data in which institution you opened an account is strictly confidential. At the same time, opening an account in America is a fairly quick procedure that will not take more than 7 days. Also, all your funds in the account will be well protected, because there is deposit insurance. The American Bank provides the opportunity to conduct any transactions around the world and pay a small commission for this, in comparison with the commissions of the bulk of European banks.

Our company registers companies in America quickly and inexpensively, helps to collect all the necessary paperwork and provides a legal address, as well as a special agent. If you decide to buy business in USA, you do not have to worry about the subsequent support of the company. The specialists of our company will help you choose the right state, which offers the best tax conditions and not too long a list of documents for opening a company. Contact us to find out all the details and choose best variant for a ready-made company in USA for sale.

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