Ukrainian – Lithuanian Education Committee of the Financial Investigation Service

Ukraine and Lithuania have come to a decision to form a special Regulatory Council in order to implement the reform of the State Fiscal Service (hereinafter SFS) and the formation of the Financial Investigation Service (hereinafter FIS). This statement was published on the portal of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

The structure of this Committee is formed by representatives of the finance ministries of both countries, who are involved in the formation of strategies in their segments.

The Lithuanian delegates offered the main seat of the Council to the head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. He will deal with interaction with the EU within the mentioned changes.

Members from Lithuania are obliged to regulate the provision of support for reforming the SFS. This is provided for by the EU project to assist in the implementation of the Strategies for the distribution of public finances.

It is known that at the 19.02 meeting, representatives of the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance and the EU in Ukraine discussed a strategy for achieving reform decisions in the SFS and in the customs structure. Also discussed was the formation of the SFR – a separate structure dealing with the fight against monetary crimes against the country.

The leading problem is the complete disbandment of the Tax Police with the formation of a single structure to fight and prevent crimes in the financial sphere against the country.

By the way, in the same month of 2017, the head of the Ministry of Finance announced a project on the formation of a structure that will counteract monetary crimes. The basic responsibilities of the structure are exposure, completion and pre-trial investigation of crimes in the economy, finance and taxation.

It also includes analytics and prevention of such crimes. On March 22, 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine supported this legislative project.

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