The leading of business in Czech Republic

The leading of business in Czech Republic

In a time to come for most jurisdictions the term of filing the tax return for 2020 year is very close.

If one of the parties of the business chain is a representative of the Czech jurisdiction, then it may be necessary to provide a document that would confirm the tax residence of the legal entity. This procedure is necessary in order to avoid double taxation – to confirm that your organization is already paying the final tax fee in the country of registration, thereby eliminating the possibility of repeated tax payments.

A tax resident certificate is an officially confirmed fact that there is a fiscal link between a citizen or legal entity and the state of his residence. This document is issued by an authorized tax representative. In most cases, it is used to confirm that the company is registered as a taxpayer, or to confirm the corresponding tax number..

Since the Czech Republic has concluded treaties with 87 states, including the Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the UAE, all countries with EU membership, Panama, Japan, Serbia, et cet., upon submission of a tax return for a certain period, from a legal entity such a certificate may be required. The document is submitted electronically. There is no need for an apostille, translation and sending of the original document..

The professionals of our company are ready to provide you with services for obtaining a Tax Certificate for legal entities as soon as possible. With our help, you can become the owner of a tax certificate without significant costs from your side. Please, contact us directly if necessary.


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