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The issue of disclosing personal customer data in business in real time is always relevant. Many companies that have neglected this issue have now ceased to exist.

It’s all about losing reputation and customer confidence.

So it turns out that confidentiality is a prerequisite for the stable development of the business. Especially when it comes to its online format.


Why are some companies developing successfully while others are forced to close? The reason is customer trust.

An ordinary representative of the company will not cooperate with the company, especially when it comes to e-business, if it is not sure of its stability and reliability.

In fairness, it is worth noting that the practice of geolocation, tracking the interests of a particular client, and similar decisions are currently being seriously criticized. Yes, at the first stage, such decisions received a positive assessment.

But now we can say that there is much more negativity.

Practice shows that not every user is familiarized with a document on the right to track his location (for example, we are talking about a license agreement and similar acts) before putting a “tick” on consent.

As a result, a person agrees to the collection and transfer of personal information. Naturally, this phenomenon could not but cause public resonance. A growing number of users are blocking access to their personal data.

Naturally, this development of events is not to the liking of entrepreneurs. A search for a constructive solution is currently underway.

It is about creating and approving detailed rules and regulations that are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of each client’s data. Now this problem has reached the world level.


Practice shows that completely fail to use information from customer profiles will fail. The whole secret is that these data help in solving managerial issues.

It is also about adjusting the services provided, expanding the assortment and similar issues, the solution of which will help in the development of the company. It is worth looking at the situation from the perspective of an ordinary buyer.

Few people will like that company employees can track the purchase history or location of a customer. This causes a natural sense of danger and mistrust.

This situation literally forces e-commerce representatives to rethink their principles of work. In particular, it is about adhering to the policy of anonymity.

Moreover, each client should have the opportunity at any time to get acquainted with the features of the company’s policy in this regard. To clearly understand to what extent the protection of his personal data is implemented.


Since 2018, the issue of protecting the personal data of each client has gained worldwide importance. This year, the corresponding law was passed, thanks to which many entrepreneurs radically revised the mechanism of interaction with each client.

The law clearly spells out who and to what extent can collect personal information. In addition, we are talking about the most stringent requirements for the conditions of its storage. The same situation with the transfer of information.

For violation of any of the points of the law, a very, very serious responsibility is provided. The easiest option is a fine. If we talk about a global and systematic violation of human rights, then sanctions are indispensable.

Their scope and features are considered in the relevant legal authority.

The current situation literally requires every entrepreneur working in real time to pay attention to the paperwork regulating the protection of personal data of his clients.

Those who are just trying their hand at e-commerce should pay attention to the need to comply with all of the above requirements.

This is a real chance to earn the trust of customers, which subsequently will have the most positive effect on the development of business.

Our company is based on experience with this sphere and Eternity Law International specialists will be happy to рrovide you with assistance in resolving this issue.

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