Storage of gold and currency stocks

Storage of gold and currency stocks is an urgent issue.


A feature of each currency is the loss of value. It doesn’t matter if it’s the US dollar or the euro. This trend is observed in all economic spheres.

For example, a hotel room 30 years ago cost $ 6 and now costs $ 90 per night. There is a change in price 15 times.

Such processes occur with any currency. This is due to rising inflation and the purchasing power of the population.

The value of gold is not affected by these problems. Of course, there are certain price fluctuations, but its value is always higher than a certain currency unit.

This is his main secret.

Let’s remember an example about hotel, then for one ounce of gold it was possible to buy a number for 6 nights, today – to provide high-grade rest for 21 days.

Despite the fact that the cost of living has risen 15 times. Conclusion: the value of gold is constantly growing compared to the processes that occur with the fiat currency.

To save assets, experts recommend investing in gold. The world market is constantly experiencing force majeure, which can cause bankruptcy of any organization.

Therefore, gold can be the subject of speculation. In the future, the price of this metal is projected to rise. There are reasons for this.

Analysis of the activities of many financial companies shows that the yellow metal provides a safe life for its owner, despite the global crisis, problems with business or the economic system.

Uncertainty about the financial situation in the world can help enrich those who have assets in the form of gold.


To date, the need to extract yellow metal has disappeared. It is sold in different world markets. Experts say that gold must be bought in physical form.

The advantages of such investments are storage in a home safe, the absence of intermediaries who are responsible for the safety of assets.

Banking institutions create bureaucratic red tape in the design of savings accounts and safes, which creates additional costs.

We do not call for completely abandoning the creation of foreign currency accounts in the bank, but offer to compensate for the risks by diversifying.

The method of storing gold can be chosen at will, if it does not attract a large safe in the house. A great option would be to rent a deposit box in another country.

The bank is not the best assistant in these cases, as it has the feature of reporting on the state of its affairs to government agencies.


The mints are engaged in the production of gold coins or ingots. There are hundreds of them around the world. In what form to store your savings – we will try to understand the review.

In the movies, everyone has seen gold bars, and that’s really true. But there are nuances in life. One ingot can weigh from 1/8 ounce to 30 kg and be non-homogeneous.

The films show ingots weighing up to 400 ounces. According to the requirements of the London Metal Exchange, which uses the specification “Good Delivery”, such an ingot should weigh 350 ounces.

Of course, in real life there is no homogeneity of ingots. They can all be different.

The advantage of coins is their “purity” (shape, cut). Experts will not be interested in a “bar” of a homogeneous structure, but coins – yes.

For example, the well-known coin called “American Eagle”, issued at the Mint somewhere in the United States. The percentage of gold in it is 91.67.

Anyone who has experience with the mechanism of the gold market knows that buying it will not be difficult. Therefore, they think that it is not worth spending money on a coin because of the low gold content (91.67%).

But experts note the high liquidity of the “American Golden Eagle”.

Low purity coins can be bought without much difficulty, but they are taxable.

Transportation of such valuables outside the country can be accompanied by problems, it all depends on the laws of the states through which the transportation will have to be carried out.

The necessity of paying the customs tax depends on the purity of the coin.

Coins are sold through local dealers or online. Popular resources are APMEX, Kitco, eBay and Amazon. For more information on accounts and ways to store gold in ounces, see our website.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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