Seychelles Forex License in 2023

Seychelles Forex License in 2023

The sphere is governed by provisions of legislation and set by supervisory bodies. Seychelles Forex brokerage license gives possibilities to officially function in FX field and get all the privileges from this market. International banks do not cooperate with firms without official permissions, except for private individuals using personal means.

Seychelles Forex and brokerage offshore license

Islands set a more favorable and loyal environment for establishing such organizations. By registering as Seychelles offshore broker, business persons’ll use next-mentioned benefits:

  • FX permission makes it possible to buy and vend options and shares, manage clients’ funds, etc.;
  • tax rates on profits from FX activities are minimal, and in some cases even zero;
  • jurisdiction created a favorable infrastructure for commercials, in particular, it concerns claims put forward by regulator and norms needed to be met following a legislative framework.

Establishment of Forex brokers in Seychelles is inexpensive compared to some states; getting permission doesn’t take long.

Businesses for sale in Seychelles

How long does it take receiving Seychelles FX licenses?

Permission getting period for Seychelles offshore broker depends on many factors, including the correct documentation completion and sending. On average, permission is approved and provided in 2-3 months from date of documentation submission. However, each commercial case should be considered individually, in addition, everything depends on workload of regulative bodies and some nuances.

Seychelles brokerage Forex license

Getting FX license in Seychelles has several stages.

  1. It is obligatory to provide proof of personality, and proof of source of income and proof of suitability for running a forex commercial. You need to approve the name of the company by checking it in the state registry.
  2. It is needed to fill in applications and forms being prepared for sending to enterprises for licensing. Before submitting documentation, you need to carefully check whether they are filled out correctly and whether everything is collected. Otherwise, permission obtaining may be delayed due to lack of data, and regulator will request supplementary documentation.
  3. Filing an application. You send all documentation to regulatory authority. Do not forget to pay commissions before it.
  4. Waiting for a decision.

FX brokers Seychelles: what’s needed

  1. Locally registered firm with 50 thousand dollars initial capital.
  2. It’s obligatory to possess real office, which has to pass FSA check. 
  3. It is mandatory to have officers for keeping records and having communication with FSA.
  4. It is also necessary to have approved representative.
  5. Firm must also have a lawyer, an auditor and an accountant who will draw up relevant reports.
  6. Enterprise needs to be insured.

Businesspersons need to send a complete documentation package for each of directors. Relevant certificates and extracts needed to be provided no earlier in 3 months before application is sent.

  1. Certificates confirming absence of a criminal record and bankruptcy.
  2. A notarized photocopy of an identity document.
  3. Letter of recommendation from a banking institution.
  4. Evidence of professional background and work competence in this field.

These are main documentation that are needed to get FX permission. Additionally, regulator’ll request a list of additional references to be prepared.

Seychelles Forex licenses cost

Turn to us – professional consultants for calculation of exact cost for your firm. The specialist’ll calculate the total amount of permission for Forex brokers Seychelles.

We provide FX organization establishment as a turnkey option. We help businesspersons with collecting necessary certificates, checking them and sending an application. You will be guaranteed competent support in first stages of work. We also have an extensive list of ready-made businesses for sale in many jurisdictions. Our experts are ready to use their expertise and occupational knowledge to achieve great results for our clients.

Is FX trade legal in Seychelles?

FX trades are officially permitted in jurisdiction. Activities of these firms are carried out under provisions of laws and regulative bodies.

What’s Seychelles license?

It’s a permission making it possible officially and freely, except for norms provided by licenses, to carry out deals in FX market. It is also an opportunity to show yourself as a reliable partner for customers and potential partners.

How much does a FX license cost?

To find out exactly how much a permit getting for your company will cost, contact our consultants. The specialist will calculate the total amount of the license with all fees.

Please contact us to get more information.

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