Saint Lucia citizenship for investments

Saint Lucia citizenship for investments

A possibility to become citizenships by investments was developed in jurisdiction. Foreign citizens making contributions in jurisdiction’s economical progress, subject to all verification points, may be granted Saint Lucia citizenship for investments.

How to get Saint Lucia citizenship

  1. Citizenship in St. Lucia guarantees visa-free-regime or traveling permits to almost 150 states.
  2. No need to live in this jurisdiction or constantly visit it to be a citizen.
  3. Legal spouses, parents, kids up to 31-age and minor siblings may be covered by citizenship-applications.
  4. This’s a very interesting market proposal.

Businesses for sale in Saint Lucia

Offshore citizenship in Saint Lucia

Persons intending to use such opportunity should make major contributions to local economical growth. There’re next-mentioned variants for program’s implementation:

  • agreed real-estate: 300, 000+ USD. It’s held for 5-year-period;
  • in commercial projects: 3.5+ mln USD, and opening of 3 permanent job-positions. It can be mutual 6 mln investments and 6 job-positions, where applicants need to contribute from 1 million.

In these options, persons will pay next-mentioned commissions:

  • 30, 000 USD for applicant;
  • $15,000 for spouses;
  • kids and siblings – 5-10 thousand for each.

There can be payments in NEF of 100 thousand USD or in interest-free governmental bonds. People intending to possess passport for investments in St. Lucia shouldn’t be engaged in penal records except minor infringements.

Features of St. Lucia citizenship for investments

  1. Applications’ review lasts up to 4-months-period, if documentation is filled out correctly. In exceptional cases, procedure may be delayed, and regulatory bodies may request additional paperwork.
  2. Special division reviews applications and decides whether to issue a confirmation. Refusal may only be got for a good reason.

Appropriate fees must be paid. In case application is confirmed, regulator advises candidates to pay funds and state comissions before issuing confirmation.

Applicants transfer necessary amounts in 3 months. Candidates are also claimed to sign statement of truth prior to attorney or sworn notary. It’s possible to get refused, but this happens on extremely good grounds in exceptional cases.

In order to obtain Saint Lucia passport being calm as for execution of documentation and implementation of the entire procedure as a whole, use the services of specialists who have been dealing with such issues. Our company specialists monitor entire way of purchasing Saint Lucia citizenship. Contact our professionals now and we give you comprehensive advice, as well as offer many variants for ready-made companies for sale.

How much is St. Lucia citizenship?

It needs a deposit of 100 000 USD. Our professionals support our clients at all phases of this way.

What are the privileges of being St. Lucia citizen?

Suh opportunity opens visa-free-regime or visa giving access to Schengen zone, Britain, etc. It’s essentially a strong privilege of jurisdiction.

How do I become St. Lucia resident?

Persons may use citizenship by investments. We’re ready to give you complex assistance in this procedure.

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