Rules for funds investing in cryptocurrencies

The Maltese government has developed a set of rules, namely, rules for funds investing in cryptocurrencies.

A few years ago, most states did not recognize cryptocurrency as a financial instrument. It was believed that these units are used in a minimum of operations.

Today, without Bitcoin, Riple, Litecoin, Cardano and other units, it is impossible to imagine modern life, the implementation of transactions. Forecasts are made for cryptocurrency, courses are set.

It should be noted that cryptocurrency is not only a powerful means of payment. Specialists from the economic sphere see it as an excellent tool for investing.

This is due to the fact that cryptocurrency exchange rates grow faster than fiats. Therefore, investing in the development of cryptocurrencies is profitable.


Malta is a country with established algorithms for registering various companies, organizations, investment funds. The MFSA regulator decides on such issues is considered a modern and universal tool for controlling the sphere of finance.

Thanks to the successes within the country, the stable economic situation, the GDP indicator rose above 12%. However, the government does not stop there. On October 23, 2017, a set of rules was published according to which the activities of hedge funds are regulated in the country.

We are talking about organizations involved in investing and supporting cryptocurrencies (Advice on the regulation of collective investment in electronic currencies). The beginning of the action is November 10, 2017. In extreme cases, another agreement was adopted.

The essence of the draft adopted rules dealing with the control and operation of Malta cryptocurrency funds:

  • building a new concept for protecting investor rights;
  • providing tools to promoters, legal consultants and other persons participating in the activities of the cryptocurrency fund;
  • compilation of corporate structure guidelines;
  • full support;
  • development and audit of documentation;
  • capital requirements for opening funds for the development of cryptocurrencies.


It should be noted that the adopted rules make it possible to invest in the development of cryptocurrency only to specialized investment funds – PIF. That is, the right to engage in projects is granted to qualified investors.

To become a cryptocurrency investor, you must provide an amount of 100,000 euros to the investment fund. It is also mandatory to fill out a declaration and indicate that the personal assets of investors start at 750,000 euros.

All providers serving crypto funds should be open in the sector where the already known MFSA operates. We are talking about the states of the Eurozone and countries that have signed certain agreements.

Also, according to the new rules, the investor is obliged to participate in the management of companies specializing in modern technologies, including cryptocurrencies.

The investor submits an application for a license, after which he waits three months. Moreover, an already issued permit can be extended by authorized bodies after checking personal information or available papers.

It is also possible to register as part of collective companies, open a listing on the stock exchange.


Investing in cryptocurrencies is a great way to attract new investors and use funds for an IPO (relevant for organizations involved in innovative technologies and blockchains).

In addition, there is a chance of conducting ICOs with the participation of government agencies.

Known fact: many cryptocurrency investors understand the difficulties that arise when exchanging large sums of money (cryptocurrencies for fiat and vice versa). In addition, state-owned banking institutions are still reluctant to associate with such operations.

Attracting cryptocurrency exchanges with the necessary documentation would help to solve this problem.


Many are interested in how much it costs to register a fund or company for investing in cryptocurrencies in Malta.

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