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Registration of a branch of a foreign company

January 26, 2020

Registration of a branch of a foreign company. Firms and companies of foreign countries work in Ukraine with the help of separate representative offices. They must be accredited in order to open a division of an organization of another country in Ukraine, they must be accredited.

In an institution representing the interests of another country, a foreign firm does not have a legal position, and it cannot conduct commercial activities.

Registration process of a foreign institution

Subdivisions of organizations of another country are registered with the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine. Documentation for accreditation is submitted no later than six months after its receipt in the state where the institution representing the interests of another country is located.

After the documentation is accepted for registration, the applicant company will receive the bank data to pay the state fee. Based on the results of the decision, the Ministry of Economic Development will adopt a verdict on registration of a division of an organization of another country or a refusal.

The Ministry of Economic Development, like all government bodies, likes to refuse on formal grounds. For example, a minor error in a payment document on the payment of a state fee may lead to a refusal to issue a unit.

The cost of having a qualified advocate work to register a branch is incomparable to the cost of delaying the process. The division of the organization of another country is considered valid immediately after registration.

A foreign organization is given a registration certificate for a division, which states:

  1. registration number in the state register of divisions;
  2. the name of the foreign organization;
  3. the number of foreign workers;
  4. the location of the institution representing the interests of another country and its divisions.

If the institution of an organization of another country will engage in trade activities in Ukraine on behalf of the firm, then it is registered with the body of the Fiscal Service of Ukraine at its location.

Documents for registration of a branch of a foreign company in Ukraine

To open a branch, a foreign entity that is not going to carry out economic activity within Ukraine must submit such documentation to the Ministry of Economic Development.

  1. Application for registration of a representative office.
  2. Report from the commercial register of the state of location.
  3. Report from the bank of opening an account of a foreign organization.
  4. Receipt of the branch for the performance of activities in Ukraine.

All documentation must be notarized at the place of its receipt, acquire legal force and be translated into Ukrainian.

Our plus is the completed stages! If you contact our company, you will receive assistance in a large list of tasks – from the formation of the labor of foreign residents to the registration of various documentation for permits.

Term of registration of a branch in Ukraine

Confirmation of registration is issued after the submission of the documentation, but no later than 60 days after the payment of the state fee. The duration of the complete registration of a branch of a foreign organization in Ukraine is 56 working days. The duration of registration of a foreign institution in Ukraine can take up to 120 days.

The specialists of Eternity Law International will help you open a branch in Ukraine and will also provide you with a consultation.

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