Investing 2020

Investing 2020: the most profitable investment spheres. Due to the fact that the market conditions of the international capital market are constantly changing, every year investors face new challenges.

The question how to invest and not make a mistake, but to get additional profit, is becoming more and more often.

As of today, the economic outlook is very unclear. In some regions, political instability and wars in the trade arena remain a rather acute problem.

All this and some other factors of a destabilizing nature have a negative impact on the financial market as a whole. The era of reliability and stability is ending, therefore, where to invest, you need to think very carefully. Below are the main trends for investors and the most profitable investments in 2020.

American investment market

In 2020, just as it was in 2019, investing in America’s stock market is filled with a variety of risks.

Experts of the analytical department of the famous publication “Forbes” say that the sharp rise and fall of quotations on the American stock exchange will continue, and the main threat in 2020 will be the presidential elections in the United States and the confrontation between America and China in the trade sphere.

According to The Economist, the best investment in the American market is investment in the activities of global corporations: Tesla, Google, Facebook and the like. This recommendation will be relevant not only for the next several decades, but for a couple, or even more, years.

Stagnation in Europe, breakthrough of Asian countries in the IT-sphere, changes in preferences when placing production facilities

Most analysts agree that investing in the markets of Europe or America, at this stage of economic development, is unprofitable. Instead, experts recommend that investors turn their eyes to countries that are rapidly strengthening their positions in the world arena.

It is predicted that by 2030 this state will occupy a leading position. Particular attention should be paid to the computer technology industry and industry.

India, in turn, has also established itself as a promising market for investment. Infrastructure construction and development projects attract a large number of investors.

Ukraine: IT-sphere and agricultural sector

Investing in agricultural structures is becoming particularly relevant as the demand for food increases due to the rapid population growth. So far, the Ukrainian agricultural sector is undergoing a drop in investment.

The capitalists are waiting for the moment when the moratorium on the sale of land plots will be lifted. Then the investment in the agricultural sector will increase significantly.

In addition, investments in IT startups remain popular. This industry is developing rapidly, more and more new funds and companies appear, and, most importantly, the political situation in this area is not reflected in any way.

That is why the risks for those investors who decide to invest in support of IT startups are minimal. Already more than 180 thousand specialists are involved in this particular industry, and this number is constantly increasing, so the chances of “burn out” here are scanty.

Thus, although 2020 is supposed to be a difficult year for the global economy, there are still many opportunities for investment.

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