Business and investment in 2020


Business and investment in 2020 – what is the most successful country for development?

The coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to business development. Is it possible to find a country where, despite the crisis and the global economic downturn, global problems are not forecast in connection with the current situation?

Is there such a state?

Yes, Canada. The fact that a country with a maple leaf on the flag is one of the safest, both in relation to business and in relation to the social security of citizens, does not cause a desire to discuss.

The Government of Canada responds in a timely manner to changes and evaluations of international partners regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, which helps to take constructive measures on all significant economic issues.

How can Canadians fight the spread of coronavirus? One of the very first steps was the introduction of social distance.

They explained to citizens in detail that timely diagnosis and isolation, if necessary, is not a whim of the government, but real measures that will help stop the spread of the disease.

It is worth noting that today more tests are issued in Canada than in the USA. The assessment is comparative, taking into account the total population. New testing methods have been introduced to help diagnose the disease in peripheral laboratories.

These and many other factors confidently suggest that the Canadian government is in control of the “coronavirus” situation in its country and seeks to minimize the economic consequences of the pandemic.


A quick government response, expressed in stimulating the economy with the help of federal credit agencies, will help support businessmen at all levels.

Enterprises with the target orientation needed during the worldwide distribution of COVID-19 (production of masks, disinfectant solutions, devices for hospitals, mechanical ventilation) will receive substantial financial support from the state.

This will help increase production volumes, which as a whole will allow more efficient resistance to the “coronavirus”. Such a competent and practical approach will help maintain economic stability in the country.

Expert Opinion: Take a closer look at Canada as an economically safe country.

The government is interested in business immigrants, therefore, special programs are regularly developed and implemented to start their own business.

There is practically no corruption, freedom of trade is not realized on paper, but in practice, the bureaucracy is gradually becoming obsolete, investors are protected.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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