Eternity Law International News Protecting capital in times of crisis

Protecting capital in times of crisis

July 10, 2020

Protecting capital in times of crisis – an urgent issue in 2020.

The most effective option for maintaining savings in a crisis is diversity and investment in the most stable countries, financial instruments.

To withdraw funds and protect your savings, banks from Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, the USA, Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates or Singapore will do. This is better than any banks in the CIS countries.

But, you can’t make a decision quickly, otherwise you can become a victim of different scammers.

We recommend developing a preliminary strategy on investing free capital in financial instruments offered by the global system. Every 10 to 12 years, global crises occur.


Creating such financial organizations will make sense when investing in them over 100,000 €.

Lower costs, with associated costs, will lead to the leveling of all potential profits from the management of their property.

There are no upper restrictions, but it is always worth remembering that for any funds it is important to observe certain proportions between the right and risky contributions.

In addition, the need is added to receive discrete amounts so as not to limit oneself in a comfortable standard of living. All this together constitutes the requirements for the size of your funds, allowing you to open a fund or trust abroad.


To get an answer to this question, you need to find out what financial instruments you will use when managing your income.

When choosing a trust, you can give up management, and engage in more important matters. In this case, financiers, investors, and competent companies will manage your state for a fee.

If you want to independently engage in such operations, it is worth organizing business in world financial centers. They have the ability to carry out exchange and operational activities of the financial life of the world.

It can be: London, New York, Zurich, Luxembourg, Frankfurt or Singapore.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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