New bill on the cryptocurrency

The government of the European Union implements rules for the settlement of cryptomoney to support AML policy. The new draft law on the cryptocurrency will change everything.

In April 2018, the European Parliament supported the directive on measures aimed at eliminating the cryptocurrency in the financing of terrorist operations and money laundering.

The law will regulate the cryptocurrency market, reduce the anonymity in the circulation of the cryptocurrency, will make rules for the exchange in the blockchain. Registration with the authorities and legal verification of transparency of activities are mandatory.


For companies and the population of Bermuda, the state digital recognition E-ID program will consist of principles for the exchange of cryptocurrency according to KYC and AML standards. Digital identification will simplify paperwork, as a result it should speed up the process of identifying customers.

Eternity Law International in the territory of the Bermuda Islands will help you get an E-ID. It will also provide access to the crypto-exchange and investment of ICO.

The new bill will contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency market. Settlement of commerce with the help of cryptocurrency will help the process of normalizing the activity of this industry.

Officially ICO did not manage to get into the zone of the new bill.

More details about the ICO here.

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