Investment fund license

Investment fund license

Every businessperson who is engaged in business should understand that to own some varieties of firms, it’s mandatory to possess an appropriate license. Working with investments isn’t an exception. An investment fund license is needed to act in majority of states, in particular in the EU states.

All funds of this category that plan to operate in the EU must be licensed in a state chosen by owners. Simultaneously, in order to work in the EU, you should obtain a valid license both for making deals with professional investors and for cooperating with ordinary people.

It is allowed to register such funds in many states, including offshore jurisdictions. Thus, investment fund licensing is carried out upon organization registration, and license can be obtained from state financial regulator where the funding structure was launched.

Often, investment fund license that was obtained in one jurisdiction does not allow advertising in other countries without obtaining consent from the financial regulators of these countries. But this does not mean that it is impossible to conduct some kind of business with investors from these states.

Do you need such a license?

Need of getting permission for investment fund depends on jurisdiction where this fund was established and conducts its operations. For example, in various offshores there are several types of investment funds without need to get permission or simply have a special registration procedure. In the Cayman Islands, an offshore fund does not need to be licensed if the fund is closed.

Offshore investment funds used for working with experienced investors, are sometimes exempt from need for licensing, and their official approval is quite simple.

But offshore funds wanting to deal with ordinary capital holders, that is, accept means from ordinary users, must undergo appropriate licensing.

  1. Offshore fund license can be obtained from the financial regulator of the jurisdiction where the offshore fund was registered.
  2. When licensing an offshore fund, it’s essential to know this fund must operate according to laws and all legislative norms.

So, a license for an offshore fund is some kind of guarantee for persons intending to invest that the fund complies with all legal rules. Thus, an offshore fund license can also be used for advertising purposes.

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