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DLT provider license in Gibraltar

November 7, 2022

In 2017, Gibraltar’s authority released The Distributed Ledger Technology Regulatory Framework. In this article, you can get more info about the DLT license in Gibraltar, its limitations and ideas connected with it.

The Fundamental Ideas for Gibraltar’s Regulatory Framework for Distributed Ledger

These ideas aim to safeguard customers as well as the economy and prestige of the territory, all the while allowing for the necessary abilities to support both established companies and start-ups in advancing their DLT enterprise’s endeavours.

There are some essential ideas for Distributed Ledger Technology Providers:

  • execute its operations with integrity.
  • pay proper consideration to every one of its clients’ wants, and it must be with them honest, straightforward, and not deceptive.
  • properly operate and supervise the establishment, and run it with the necessary skill, considering risks to both its clients and business.
  • have solid plans in place to safeguard client assets and funds while it is in charge of them.
  • possess efficient corporate governance structures.
  • keep all of its security access instruments and systems kept to suitable high levels.
  • contain instruments to stop, find, and expose threats associated with financial crimes, such as money-laundering and financing of terrorism.
  • must be robust and have backup plans in place for the orderly and financially sound closure of its operations.
  • must act in a way that preserves or improves the integrity of any markets in which it operates.

Pre-Application Step

You should choose the business strategy and the kind of service the company that you plan to offer in or from Gibraltar. During this pre-application discussion, the GFSC will check if the planned activity would fit under the purview of the DLT licensing.

Initial application assessment

Enterprises will be mandated to undergo the initial request evaluation process if it has been determined that the planned operations will come under the DLT framework’s purview. Candidates must accomplish this by sending an email with the following details to Gibraltar’s official email box:

  • name of the business;
  • a brief description of the company plans;
  • address of the business;
  • name and email address of the application’s primary contact.

The GFSC will do a primary examination of the dangers and complexity present in the individual’s planned commerce and structure as part of the first application evaluation.

Application and presentation

The application

A complete application packet should be submitted by applicants. If any required paperwork is missing, it won’t be considered the application to be finished.

The application bundle has to include:

  • fee for application;
  • financial prognoses for the following three years;
  • account statement;
  • form for a regulated individual, non-executive directors and controller;
  • enterprise plan;
  • framework and approach for risk;
  • supporting regulations and practices;
  • details of funding sources (including the final ownership structure, information about the group’s capital, how the funding will be provided, access to extra funds, and three-year financial statements for the companies providing the funding; if an individual will provide more than 10% of the funding, it will be needed an independently verified statement of wealth);
  • plan for business continuity, and
  • the applicant should provide any additional paperwork that the GFSC should take into account in their submission.

Also, candidates will be requested to give a presentation to the GFSC once the enterprise has completed a full request process.

The presentation

During it, the applicant will have the chance to explain how they will adhere to the regulatory principles of the GFSC, which is an essential component of the authorisations process. It ought to generally address the following topics:

  • background information on the main figures running the organization, including necessary experience and abilities;
  • a business plan detailing the organization’s or group’s structure, its goods and services, its target market, its strategy, etc.;
  • finances estimates, and
  • proof that the company will adhere to the regulatory ideas and laws.

If you have some questions about the permission and the DLT regulatory framework, we recommend getting in touch with our expert group which will help you with the application.

Please contact us to get more information.

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