Company registration in Scotland

Registration fee 1 000.00 EUR
The cost of renewal of the company 900.00 EUR
Number of Directors 1
Corporate tax of 0.00%
Paid in Charter Capital 0.00
Requirements for mandatory reporting Yes


  • Certificate of incorporation (Certificate of incorporation)
  • Limited Liability Partnership Agreement (Memorandum of Association of a Limited Partnership)
  • Minutes of the first Meeting of the Members (Minutes of the first meeting of the Participants)
  • Minutes of the Organizational Meeting (Minutes of the Meeting of Participants)
  • Share Certificates
  • Notice of Resignation as Members (Application for the withdrawal of the Participant from the Partnership)
  • Letter of Resignation as Manager
  • Minutes of the Organizational Meeting (Minutes of the Constituent Assembly)
  • Letter of Resignation as Manager (Application for the Resignation of the Manager)
  • Non-Trading Warranty (Certificate of Commercial Purity)


  • Power of attorney
  • A rejection letter from the Nominee Director
  • Refusal letter from the Secretary
  • The Nominee Director’s declaration on the provision of nominee services
  • Deed of Indemnity
  • The Trust Declaration from the Nominee Shareholder
  • Instrument of Transfer documents for Shares

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s largest trading territory and financial centers, and it takes the second place in Western Europe (after Germany). The UK is not a tax haven, but it has relatively low tax comparing to other counties in Europe. It means that with a properly constructed international trading group of companies, it is possible to minimize the tax or completely eliminate it for the British company.


Company registration in Scotland – in the form of the LP in The Great Britain

At least two partners are required (the package includes 2 offshore corporate partners)

Limited partnerships do not have share capital, and “capital”, which is contributed by partners (there is no minimum, the amount is determined by partners)

In the UK the income tax is absent, if the company’s partners are offshore enterprise and activities are conducted outside the UK/ It should be noted that it is necessary to file a tax return annually (even if there is no corporate tax)

VAT: possible, but not recommended, if you act only outside the UK

The British LLP, which does not pay corporate tax in the UK is not a tax resident.


Limited company (LLC) is the most popular in the UK.

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP UK) has been introduced in the UK since April 2001 under the LLP 2000 Act. LLP combines the fiscal transparency and flexibility of a limited partnership. In the UK, corporate tax can be avoided completely if the company operates exclusively outside the UK. The LLP partnership agreement is specially designed to allocate 100% of the partner’s non-resident profit.

Both UK Ltd. And LLP UK is widely used as:

Holding companies that can receive dividends from a foreign subsidiary, and also pay dividends to an offshore beneficiary without the need to pay tax in the UK in any form.

Agency companies that carry out international trade as agents for offshore and other non-British beneficiaries, and receive only commission income. Agency companies in the UK are often used to open an account with a bank in a UK bank for an offshore beneficiary.

Nominee companies that serve as asset protection means, i.e. holding to protect property or other assets on behalf of a third party.

Companies for royalty payments that can receive royalty-related royalties outside of Britain, without bringing UK income tax

Ready-made companies are available. Ask right now.


CORPORATE PROFIT TAX: The standard rate of income tax is 20% (profit up to £ 300,000). To reduce the tax base, agency structures are often used.

DIVIDENDS INCLUDED: from 0% to most dividends.

Capital gains tax: capital gains, as a rule, are treated as ordinary profits. The exemption applies if –

– The selling company owns at least 10% of the company’s shares, and they are sold within 12-24 month


– The companies are trading.

Repatriation tax:

Royalties: The standard rate is 20% if not exempted in accordance with the EU directive on interest and royalties or reduced in accordance with the Double Taxation Treaty.

DIVIDENDS: 5, 10, 15%

INTEREST: The standard rate is 6% if not exempted in accordance with the EU directive on interest and royalties or reduced in accordance with the Double Tax Treaty.

DOUBLE-WIDE tax agreements with 125 countries, including Belize, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malta …

TAX FOR ADDED VALUE (VAT). EU VAT regime. The standard rate for domestic sales is 20%.

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