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Banks for sale in Belgium

February 6, 2024

Do you have substantial capital and have decided to use it wisely? Then the best solution for you is to buy a bank. It will be most profitable to purchase this type of enterprise in Belgium. This country is famous for its stable and developing economy, has a favorable location in the center of the EU and more than 500 million already successful and profitable banking institutions.

Our company will help you in establishing and licensing a business in any commercial area. We also have an extensive list of ready-made banks for sale and are ready to provide you with qualified support when concluding a transaction. With us, starting your commercial journey will be simple and fast.

Belgian banking sector

When choosing the option of banks for sale in Belgium, you will have 3 variants to choose from when registering, which are also best studied in detail, since in some cases the transfer of shares may be limited.

  1. Public joint stock company (SA/NV).
    • This type of registration can be chosen if the company has a minimum of 2 shareholders and 3 directors/board members. Each shareholder is required to contribute a share capital of at least 61,500 euros, of which 6,200 euros is paid-up capital.
  2. Private Limited Liability Company (BVBA/SPRL).
    • In this option, the registration conditions are as follows:
      • presence of 2 or more shareholders;
      • minimum capital from each party is 18,500 euros (6,200 paid);
      • each shareholder is responsible for his or her share of the business.
  3. Co-operative Company Limited by Liability (SCRL/CVBA).
    • Such a company must already have at least 3 voluntary members who will have equal rights. Next-mentioned will be required:
      • general meetings of the board of directors and auditors;
      • directors will also act on an unpaid basis and their dividends will not exceed 6%.

Belgian private banks for sale are owned by individual capital-holders.

Getting banks for sale in Belgium is quite difficult, since it will require a transfer of shares, which will be required to be registered in the Belgian Trade Register. Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive consultancy regarding any issues that you may have when purchasing and transferring a banking business.

A person whose goal is to acquire a Belgian bank must prepare lists of directors and shareholders, as well as the physical address of the company and a share purchase agreement. Once the notary has certified everything, the deal will be completed. If you want to change the name of the bank, all these changes will also need to be registered in the local trade register.

Why is it worth getting a Belgian bank for sale?

Belgium is friendly to foreign investment and here are 7 positive points that will prove that this country will be the best choice for acquiring your bank and it’s worth investing in Belgian banks.

  1. Income from the very beginning.
    • Often many new businesses, including banks, cannot stay afloat and lose their income or cannot increase it. Therefore, the best solution would be to purchase a ready-made bank.
    • When purchasing ready commercial banks in Belgium, you can examine all the documents and be sure that your enterprise will bring you income from the first month of its operation. You will also have less hassle with various checks if you purchase a bank with a good reputation. It may be more expensive, but it will cause you fewer problems and give you the opportunity to earn a good income right away.
  2. Easier access to financing.
    • By getting a Belgian bank for sale with a good reputation, you can also count on a loan if you suddenly need it. If a company has been around for a certain time and has earned a good reputation, then the likelihood of approval is much higher than the likelihood of approval for a loan to a start-up business without a history of income and a positive reputation. And most likely they will not provide a loan to the new bank, since there is no confidence that it will be repaid, and losing money is not in the interests of creditors.
  3. Highly-qualified staff.
    • An important advantage will be the presence of staff who are already trained in everything and clearly know their job. Finding employees for a new bank can take a lot of time, and finding highly qualified personnel is usually even more difficult, since all employees will also need to be tested for knowledge of their business and they will need to be trained in corporate protocols, which will also need to be created. When buying an investment bank in Belgium, you will lose these tasks and will have an already assembled and coordinated team of workers.
  4. Direct entry to the market.
    • By purchasing a bank that has been operating for a long time, you also get the opportunity to enter any desired market to expand your capabilities, which is the main thing in the marketing strategy. Starting from scratch, this will be much more difficult and you will need to start from the bottom and gain respect.
  5. Established local brand and customer base.
    • If you acquire an existing bank with a good reputation, you will have a good customer base. This is a huge advantage, because these people will come back to you again and again, which will bring you income. The new bank will have such luxury no less than after a year of stable work, because you will need to convince your clients that they can trust you.
  6. Existing business connections.
    • An existing bank with a good reputation also has established business relationships, which is also a long process for a newbie in this field. The best suppliers have the best price-quality ratio, but in the initial stages you may have to settle for little, buying not the best products at high prices.
  7. Less risk and more growth.
    • Purchasing a bank with well-established operations will significantly reduce the risks that may arise when opening a new bank. A bank with a good reputation has already found its niche in this industry and has gained trust, but with a new bank problems may arise that will need to be resolved quickly, because if this drags on, your business may completely fail. Thus, investing in an existing bank is safer.

Thus, according to the Belgian banking market analysis, the advantages of acquiring a banking business in Belgium will also be:

  • it is easy to find qualified personnel;
  • well-developed infrastructure;
  • affordable real estate;
  • there is no double taxation with more than 90 countries;
  • investments and business creation by foreigners are welcomed;
  • as well as a very pleasantly surprising tax regime.

Before buying a banking business in Belgium

Yes, of course, it is not a fact that you will be able to find such a successful business in which everything will be perfectly organized, since it is unlikely to be sold, but there are exceptions and if you look, then luck will definitely smile on you.

Before purchasing, carefully study all the information about the bank and ask the following questions to the owner:

  • Why is he selling the business?
  • What is the company’s reputation?
  • What does he think about the bank’s prospects for the next financial year?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this bank?
  • Does the bank control the required market share to be sufficiently profitable?

To purchase the best option for you, you will need to analyze a huge number of different offers and choose the best one from them. The main thing is to look through all the bank’s documentation and all its affairs, so that later you don’t become bankrupt because of one small piece of paper.

Buy a bank in Belgium: legal aspects

Constituent documents

All documents and rights to the company must be transferred to the new owner and also notarized. The constituent documents are also certified and published in the official gazette (Memorial).

Trade register

Your bank must also be included in the commercial register.


There must be at least two founders. They are not required to have Belgian citizenship or live permanently in this country. If the founders of the company do not live in Belgium, then their presence at the establishment of the company is not necessary. The founders have the right to temporarily transfer their powers to third parties who will establish the company on their behalf.

Authorized capital

The minimum capital is determined when the company is founded. It must be at least 18,600 Euro. It will be necessary to immediately make a contribution in the amount of 30 percent of the assigned amount. The contribution can also be made with expensive items, for example, jewelry, but if this happens, then it is necessary to have an expert opinion on the value of this item, which is also certified by a notary and included in the constituent documents of the company.


Shares are special bearer securities. Such papers can only be transferred if they are paid in full. The transfer of such papers occurs without registration and publication – from hand to hand. Thus, this is an anonymous procedure. Shares can be divided into two types – standard shares and preferred shares – without voting rights.

Legal address

The legal address of your bank must be Belgian, and all important bank documentation must also be located at this address. This address is determined at the first general meeting of shareholders and must be published.

Why choose Eternity Law to acquire a bank in Belgium

If you do not have enough time to find a bank with a good reputation to purchase, or you have decided to open your own bank from scratch and you need legal assistance, then you can contact us. Every day we help in acquiring businesses and building new enterprises from scratch and receive positive feedback on our work. Our advantages over other companies are:

  1. Many years of experience all over the world.
  2. Lots of satisfied clients.
  3. Providing additional services at the request of the client, in particular, opening bank accounts, searching for premises for registering an office, etc.
  4. Striving for the best results.
  5. Quality assurance when achieving a given goal.
  6. Consultation at all stages of acquisition, registration and business establishment.

Our company will save you from all the hassle and collect all the necessary documents for you, help you draw up a business plan and register your enterprise while you go about your business.

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