UK Payment Institution PSD For Sale

A company that was recently registered under the jurisdiction of Great Britain is offered for sale. The company is authorized and regulated by the FCA. It is a financial institution, namely the structure working in the money transfer industry, designated by PSD. The business project is not limited in terms of remittances worldwide. The activities are regulated by the relevant authorities in accordance with the Ordinance regarding the provision and implementation of payment services within Europe.

The package of this proposal contains all relevant documents, licenses, etc. On the FCA web portal, this company is registered under its own individual number. You get:

  • Access to partnerships with several banking offices in Britain and the European Union.
  • Free software for multiple money transactions and currency exchange operations.
  • Accounts in euros, dollars and pounds, through which transfers can be made.
  • Possibility of opening an IBAN account (requires additional payment).
  • Ability to open an account and make subsequent payments through it.
  • Making payments through a debit card.
  • Issuance of branded cards for prepayment (also involves an additional payment).
  • Solutions for cash collection.

Authorization from the FCA and the status of such a financial institution that can transfer PSD money was provided by a licensed UK authority. If necessary, the firm can provide direct licensing authorization for an additional fee. The package of this offer includes operating instructions and documents confirming the company’s compliance with the FCA requirements.

The office of the company is registered under the jurisdiction of London, but it is allowed to conduct business from anywhere. The company also has physical offices, as this is one of the regulations. What is important for a potential buyer to know:

  • The company has no debts
  • The object is brand new
  • Compliance assured
  • Reliable platform and debugged system for conducting monetary transactions, acquiring services. It is included in the price

Asking Price: On request

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