Eternity Law International Ready-made licensed investment firm in Bulgaria for sale

Ready-made licensed investment firm in Bulgaria for sale

March 9, 2023

Below you can see the basic information regarding a ready-made licensed investment firm in Bulgaria for sale.

Overview of the jurisdiction

Bulgaria has the ideal jurisdiction for setting up and managing investment services firms. To conduct business within the EU, Forex brokers must obtain a license in Bulgaria. Furthermore, Bulgaria boasts one of the lowest company tax rates in Europe at just 10%, modest incorporation and licensing costs, and access to highly trained staff for a competitive wage.

In addition to being a member of the European Union, Bulgaria actively participates in the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation, or MiFID, the commission tasked with creating best practices guidelines for the nonbank financial industry across the EU. MiFID harmonizes the laws of the many EU member nations, notwithstanding the fact that they differ throughout the various European jurisdictions. They achieve this by granting brokerages passport rights, which let them conduct business in any Member State as long as it has been approved by the regulatory body of their home State. Also, the Financial Supervision Commission is a member of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Ready-made licensed investment firm in Bulgaria for sale: details

  1. Active Business with good reputation.
  2. The Business incorporated in 2008
  3. A standard license issued by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission in place.
  4. The paid-up capital is BGN 250,000 (approx. EUR 125,000). The authorized capital cannot be used in business activities.
  5. The broker can hold clients’ money but cannot trade on its own account- a pure agency (A-book) model
  6. The purchase price of the Firm includes a fully functional website and corporate bank accounts in the largest Bulgarian bank
  7. The cost of Firm maintenance and accountings are relatively low
  8. The Firm has a clean client record with no open or unresolved legal issues.

License authorizations:

  • receiving and transmitting orders in relation to оnе or more financial instruments;
  • executing orders on behalf of clients;
  • portfolio management;
  • Provision of investment advice to clients.

Additional requirements:

  • Like the directors, the shareholders must pass a fit and proper test, particularly a background check where FSC is satisfied that they have a clean criminal record as well as experience in the business.
  • The broker company must have at least two executive directors who have the necessary higher education in a field related to finance or economics, proven experience in the financial field, a clear criminal record, a good reputation, and they cannot be related to one another.
  • There is a strict requirement for a local office in Bulgaria.
  • The company must have the necessary appropriate software, equipment and technology in order to successfully operate and provide service to customers, or otherwise contract such infrastructure with 3rd party providers.

You can buy a ready-made licensed investment firm in Bulgaria and start your business immediately.

Asking price & details:

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