Ready-made company in Israel

What is included:

  • Ready-made company in Israel,
  • Local bank account
  • Legal address

Cost: on request.

Business in Israel? No problems. This is a country with a strong technologically advanced, innovative economy with a significant share of the public sector. Recently, more attention has been paid to the private sector.

For the successful development of enterprises of any form of ownership in Israel, various funds are actively working to help the formation of small and medium enterprises.

Israel is a country of repatriates with a progressing economy, where it is not difficult to create a business both for a foreign citizen and a company from external jurisdictions.

Subject to strict financial discipline, registering a business for foreigners is not difficult and practically does not differ from being registered as a citizen of this state. Open your business is not difficult.

The process consists in gradually filling out various statements with their further sending to a state institution.


LLC – “Hevra baam” – the most common form of doing business in Israel. It is preferred to foreigners who are not able to obtain an Israeli passport.

Ideal for enterprises with a small number of founders, moderate authorized capital, minimal risks for owners and wide opportunities.

Having registered in the charter the limitation of liability for the debts / obligations of the enterprise, you can begin to work safely and productively.

Registration of a business in Israel is almost identical for individual entrepreneurs, as well as for firms and companies. First of all, you need to choose a name, which should be strictly individual.

It must not violate moral standards, insult the state and not coincide with the names of other registered enterprises. The next stage is the submission of documents to the State Registrar.

The charter must be translated into Hebrew and notarized. A registered capital of 10,000 shekels is the minimum possible. It guarantees the liability of the firm in claims.

The type of shares and their quantity in the case of a joint-stock company depends on their owners. Before registering a company, you must pay a mandatory fee.

In case of successful registration, a registration certificate can be obtained in a few days. After that, bookkeeping is organized for financial accounting.

The tax administration will open the case. Reporting periods depend on the type of company. If possible, an experienced auditor should be involved in the procedure in order to minimize taxes or arrange exemption from them for a grace period.

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