Ready-made company in Poland

Ready-made company in Poland

Biggest accommodation of achieving an already going business-company in Poland is time-saving-option. Such LLC is fully-enrolled. It will allow the launch of commercials in shortest possible time-period, since establishing a new organization from scratch is a lengthy procedure and lasts a month on average. Ready-made companies in Poland with historical phenomena of the past, which shows positive firm’s development, enlarges trust in the eyes of counterparties and customers.

Buying prepared commercials – undoubtedly one of the most popular decisions. The risks will be minimal, because you will nust to improve the business you have started and will not have to go on the path of success from scratch. Businesspersons may easily find prepared corporations and fellowship locally.


  1. Shareholders-company – business that is jointly owned by sharers. Each sharers owns a certain share.
  2. A LLC is a private firm whose owners are legally responsible for their debts. Owners’ responsibility is restricted to their contributions to shares.


  1. General-partnership is a joint venture in which 2+ companions agree to share their incomes, assets, legal and monetary obligations.
  2. Limited-partnership exists if more than two companions are involved in a biz, just like a full-company. Some of them may only be responsible to extent of the capital they invested.
  3. An LLT-partnership is a structure consisting of companions with duties that are framed by capital invested by them.
  4. Sharers-Limited-Partnership – requires 1 main partner and 1 sharer. Each of them can be either an individual or a legal-entity. Main companion is responsible for organization’s duties and debts, while sharer is not responsible for anything.

The cost of purchase shelf companies in Poland

The cost of changes depends on the number of members of the board and founders, as well as the number of other changes, such as an increase in the authorized capital, a change in the charter.

The price does not include the cost of a virtual-office. The service of a virtual-office-address for one-year-costs of 300 euros.

Services for sale for legal entities in Poland:

  • Getting prepared and submission of needed legal papers
  • Notary Services
  • Translation services
  • Legal accompanying
  • Help opening valid local banking accounts
  • Consulting

Benefits of buying a ready made company in Poland

  1. Most outlandish contributors prefer to buy a finished company as it saves so much money and time. This is more convenient than starting a new company;
  2. Investors also save time and energy needed to hire workers. A new business-owner may simply absorb workers who already have experience;
  3. While there may be some changes to the composition of the workforce, not many resources will be needed for hiring and training;
  4. Since Poland is a space with a variety of commercial opportunities, it is actually easier to meet new business-partners. This means it’s easier to close new deals and grow. With a prepared firm, this does not take long, as most firms don’t hesitate to run deals with firms already having image in market;
  5. Acquiring enterprise with a good image will also allow you to quickly receive loans from lenders.

Additional points that may interest you buying a ready made company in Poland

  • Change of firm’s name
  • Introduction of extra measures
  • Application for obtaining licensed permission
  • Buy a ready-made company in Poland with own portfolio and monetary-turnover

If you have a need to buy a finished corporation with its own history and proven work strategies in Poland, that is, a business-company that was registered a long time ago and has been engaged in monetary and merchant operations for few years, you may use services provided by our team. By purchasing enterprise, you become the full owner of structure that, together with enroll, already has all needed points for starting a biz.

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Why you should buy ready-made companies in Poland

  • Client selects business-project to buy from the options we offer and the names that we send upon request.
  • If you are interested in a prepared corporation in Poland, its cost is immediately calculated taking into account all services.
  • Procurement date is established.

By purchasing a turnkey business-company, you receive next-mentioned basic set of legal papers and services:

  • Full documentation-package confirming enrollment with the needed state bodies and registries (extract from KRS, ZUS, NIP, REGON, VAT).
  • the cost of the company includes the costs of re-issuing and amending the charter (the composition of the founders, the name of firm, types of activities, size of registered capital, etc.);
  • the cost of the corporation includes the establishment of accounting support / obtaining a legal location and opening a current acc;
  • After buying a company, you will receive an invoice for the total amount of services provided, which can be attributed to the current expenses of your new company and reduce the resulting income tax and VAT.
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