Ready-made company in Delaware for sale

Ready-made company in Delaware for sale

Interested investor is offered a Delaware ready made company. Enterprise was established in 2022. Ownership changing-rights and transferring structure to a new owner will take about five days.

The cost of acquiring the company is 2245 USD; the use of the services of the financial director is 1.5 thousand USD per month; opening an account for corporate purposes in one of the US banking institutions – 3500 USD; delivery of documents necessary for the transaction will cost about $ 100; registration of a real physical office – 485 USD (if necessary).

Opening a bank account for ready made companies Delaware

We possess rights and authority to remotely open an account for corporate-purposes of ready-made company in Delaware. We are making certain changes in the structure of the enterprise, however, with minimal participation. We do not own any shares, but we can also be considered part of the enterprise, which gives us the opportunity to trade accounts, open them and keep accounting records.

We are working with a partner in the US who can be appointed CFO for a firm without ceding a share or claim from the company to the client. An appropriate contract will be signed with the client. An appropriate addition is made in the operating agreement stating that this person will be appointed as the chief financial officer. The abolition of such a position is not recommended, because the bank account in the United States may be closed. Thus, the firm will no longer have a signatory. The account can be transferred to the client upon direct arrival in the States or through an authorized representative, however, the presence of someone in the US is required.

For the implementation of this, Delaware ready made companies incur a certain fee in the case of cooperation with banking institutions that require the physical presence of a financial director. This includes compliance services, resolving any difficulties that arise when cooperating with a bank, compiling and submitting additional bank documents, accessing the firm’s web resource for foreign investors, sending and handling paychecks, working with cash payments, etc. Cost of such option is 1.5 thousand USD per month. This cost also includes obtaining an EIN number for the company, which is required to open a US account.

The client is offered the following options for opening an account:

  • Bank of America – the procedure takes about one week. As part of this option, an additional business account management service is available. This will enable our manager to make you a third authorized person for banking transactions;
  • other banking institutions, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. – the CFO is registered in the State of Washington and receives the official status of an account manager. Only you will have access to this account. Transaction approval is not required.

You will be given the opportunity to directly contact the CFO to resolve operational issues.


Ready-made companies in Delaware for sale can be provided along with an accountant. The cost of his work is estimated depending on the total turnover of the enterprise.

Additionally, we also provide a physical office. The cost of this option is approximately 485 USD per month. This is not a mandatory requirement in order to ensure the functioning of the company in the United States.

If you want to get businesses for sale in Delaware, we provide you with comprehensive competent support. Contact our specialists – we answer all questions. In addition, we may offer many options for ready-made businesses for sale in other jurisdictions.

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