Precision Machine Shop for sale 

A long-used precision machine shop is offered for sale. This workshop is engaged in the supply of cast and individual machined parts for companies engaged in industrial activities.

What does it exactly do?

Turning: Rotating the workpiece to bring the metal into contact with the cutting tool. Lathes are often used for turning.
Milling: Rotating a cutting tool to bring it into contact with a stationary workpiece. Milling machines are used for milling.
Drilling: Create or refine holes by touching a rotating cutting tool to a workpiece. For drilling, milling or turning machines are often used and many other things.

The company is engaged in the production of products with high tolerances. Therefore, the company is known for the excellent high quality of each of its products, which meets the requirements of ISO: 9002. The company’s team of employees is engaged in the development of concepts for the product, as well as its production and commissioning of the finished product.

Basic information:

  • This business facility is offered with fully equipped offices and premises dedicated to manufacturing operations.
  • The facility is located in an area that is considered industrial, and, in addition, has its own large enough parking for cars.

Development opportunities:

  • Unique mechanisms in the corresponding production niche, which makes it possible to manufacture high quality products.
  • Experienced operators with the highest qualifications. Trained and professional engineering staff which has an excellent experience.

Support offer: if needed for simple integration.

Reason for the sale: the owner’s intention to retire and strong desire to convey the store in good governance.

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