Leasehold and Seismic – 10x return for sale

Leasehold and Seismic – 10x Return for sale

A Houston-based operator is looking for capital required in the amount of several millions. This amount is required to finance the purchase of the leased property and seismic instruments in a package of 7 3D exploration plots. It utilizes advanced processing techniques and various latest AVO interpretations. Six parcels belong to Yegua Counties in Hardin, Liberty, and Chambers, Texas; the remaining one is in Wilcox of Tyler County.

As of today, the Yegua business has already brought in 4,000 feet of gas and distillate. The total amount of the produced product for the seven blocks is estimated at 13.5 million barrels of oil. The total reserves, targeting seven prospects, are estimated at 13.5 million barrels of oil, 373.8 billion cubic feet or 455.0 billion cubic feet of equivalent.

In total, there are 36 objects that are promising sites. They are the result of several years of continuous development by the Operator about a thousand square miles. The probability that these sites will be profitable and successful is 80%. Such data are derived from previous large-scale use of such field development methods. The investor himself can choose which sites to invest in the development.

The smallest site and the largest one require up different thousands of dollars. There is a possibility of re-investment, as some plots can be sold or transferred to a new stage of development.

The operator is a team of four people with many years of experience in the relevant field. The team covers all industries: geology, geophysics and strategies for the development of mineral deposits. Geoscientists with extensive experience, a good reputation and an excellent understanding of their work have created each strategy. The operator employs eSeis Inc’s processing techniques, which is widely recognized and recognized as the leader in the latest and most efficient processing of captured seismic data.

The potential investor is invited to receive a refund at the time of the sale of the facility itself at one of the drilling stages (plus a share of the part of the return). For each individual transaction, the conditions are set individually. The investor has the opportunity to make a tenfold profit. Three plots were recently sold, and their development is planned for 2020-2021. The peculiarity of the project is that investors are not exposed to any risks.

You can’t lose this offer which includes Leasehold and Seismic – 10x return for sale. 

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