Eternity Law International Payment & E-Money Institutions EMI License UK API and Lithuanian AEMI with 20-year history for sale

UK API and Lithuanian AEMI with 20-year history for sale

September 13, 2023

This is a new investment opportunity – a 20-year old money transfer business for sale. Please check out the main details regarding this proposal below.

20-year old money transfer business: key considerations

Business consists of UK API and Lithuanian AEMI.

UK entity

  • Safeguarding account, 6 e-money accounts;
  • 20 people on UK payroll and 3 more contractors;
  • Own software, payout partners in 6 countries;
  • Around 40k active clients in 2023.

Lithuanian entity

  • Lithuanian entity has direct SEPA;
  • Safeguarding and 6 business accounts;
  • Own software, mobile application;
  • 2,5k active clients.

If you are looking to buy a money transfer business, please contact us and get detailed information regarding this offer.


Telegram: @sophieternitylaw

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