The financial company in Hong Kong for sale

Company registration year – 2016

Year of license for Money Service Operator – 2017

The license allows the transfer of money and the exchange of money and the opening of an account online

  1. Real office with representatives in Hong Kong and Moscow
  2. The SWIFT BIC code is active and published in the SWIFT directory
  3. Corresponding accounts (EURO, USD, GBP and RUR)
  4. The company performs 50 to 100 SWIFT transactions per day
  5. Excellent choice to immediately start your own parabanking business
  6. Prior agreements in progress with the Mastercard card issuer to issue its own cards and prepaid cards
  7. Website and banking software included. New design at buyer’s choice

The transfer of ownership will take around 1 to 2 months as the new owner needs to be validated with the regulator, a visit to Hong Kong is required.

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