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Small Payment Institution in Poland for Sale

May 13, 2022

Small payment institution in Poland for sale is a structure working towards the provision of payment services. The list of those includes:

  • payments;
  • transfer of funds;
  • withdrawal of funds received from a payment transfer.

Offer of Polish SPI for sale:

The license permission was obtained by the company in Poland. The company has the official right to distribute its services in any of the EU countries – it is not necessary to obtain any other permission in addition.

SPI will be an excellent option for an investor who wants to expand their commercial boundaries and operate on a broad market scale. The entrepreneur gets the opportunity to test his own financial decisions within a fully regulated market. Thus, the SPI allows the entrepreneur to evaluate his possibilities in practice by implementing technical solutions, and then decide whether to obtain the status of the National Payment Institution – NPI.

This commercial form for providing payment direction services is recommended for consideration if we are talking about a startup in the Fintech field.

SPI may carry out transactions of a payment nature in a total amount not exceeding 1.5 million euros per month – including taking into account the agents through whose services the transactions are carried out.

This offer includes SPI with off-the-shelf software and an active account with a Polish banking institution.

Services of Polish small payment institution for sale:

SPI gains the right to offer its customers the following services:

  • withdrawal of funds from the account, acceptance of transferred funds and other things that can be carried out through the account;
  • payment transactions directly – transfers, including through a card and other instruments of a similar type;
  • instructions on the account;
  • operations with credit funds;
  • issue of payment type instruments;
  • processing authorizations, sending funds to the issuer of payment systems or instruments on behalf of the payer, which is aimed at transferring funds due to the seller – the exception is the activity consisting in the settlement of such transactions, which is meant by the payment system under the Acquiring Law.

The offer includes the following

  • A firm that was established in 2021; form: Sp. z o.o.
  • Licensed SPI in Poland for sale
  • Initial capital equal to PLN 5.000, which can be increased.
  • Active accounts in banking institutions.
  • Interaction with banking structures.
  • The company is integrated with some payment systems, in particular, Stripe.

Price of Polish SPI company:

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