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For sale bank in Dominica

January 30, 2023

Bank in Dominica for sale is a full-service universal bank established in 2021.

Other licenses held are:

  • License to conduct trust business;
  • Digital Currency Purchase, Sale, Deposits, Withdrawal, Transfer, Hypothecation, Exchanges;
  • Custody Services license;
  • Licenses (automatically) expandable, upon need, for the golden Visa/passport issuance.

Investment Rationale

The Bank has targeted three Priority Client Sectors as part of its strategic plan:

A separate Strategic Planning Note is available on each of these Priority Client Sectors. Each Sector Strategy includes detailed pro-active measures to:

  1. Mitigate banking and payments risk and friction by defining client types and marquee lead customers to tailor compliance and operating measures into a specialized program;
  2. Secure a mix of core services alongside one or two uniquely provided services, (unique by quality or novelty) with full transparency of client type to third-party service providers;
  3. Repeat the Sector Program with controlled and disciplined qualification to successive rounds of new clients only within conforming sub-groups rather than the full niche;
  4. collaborate with service providers, marketing, and other hubs already active in niches by offering co-branded full-suite programs and curated select services.

Current Financials of the Bank in Dominica for sale

Financial analysis and projections are provided under separate cover. The bank is very well capitalized and is well within all banking ratio requirements and best practices.


  • No income tax;
  • No capital gains tax;
  • No tax, duty, or impost upon the increment in the value of the property or other assets locally in elsewhere.

Timeline to closing

Significant milestones have already concluded with Closing and final approval for Change in Control planned for 60 days from final commitments.

With audited financials and well-documented adherence to banking regulations, the due diligence is focused on the confirmation of risks in loan portfolios. Regulatory approval for change in beneficial owners is streamlined by comprehensive due diligence packages and Strategic Plan.

Documents available in the dataroom:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Solvency filed in March 2022
  • 2021 Audited financials
  • Registrars Certificate
  • Resolution pertaining to the name change
  • A copy of the license to conduct trust business
  • Certificate of Amendment
  • Articles of Association

Asking price – on request.

Details of the bank in Dominica for sale: e-mail: / Telegram: @beihuln

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