P2P platform to buy and sell ETH & BTC for sale

P2P platform to buy and sell ETH & BTC for sale

What is a P2P platform?

The P2P platform is one of the easiest ways to sell and buy cryptocurrencies, which does not require the involvement of intermediaries in the form of exchange offices, and does not fall under high exchange rates and does not apply identity verification procedures.

Key features

  • Being in production for 3 years – from September 2017
  • Availability of 4 active platforms: telegram bot, iOS, web and Android.
  • Total number of users: 26,571.

The ability to convert quickly money into cryptocurrency, regardless of which of the currencies you keep your savings in: NZD, RUB, USD or EUR. Every minute a client appears who is ready to exchange cryptocurrency funds for regular money.

There are 100+ unlocking methods and various payment methods available: WebMoney, Visa, PayPal, cash or bank transfer. The most popular payment methods for any country in the world are available to the consumer.

Location: presence in any country in the world.

Security: the market participants themselves set the terms of trading. The company ensures complete security of such trades.

  • 2FA, SSL. The data of each of the participants is protected by the implementation of 2FA two-factor authentication and a special encrypted SSL connection, which is aimed at preventing unauthorized persons from accessing the current operation.
  • Implementation of the escrow system. During the transaction, the money is stored on the accounts of the parties involved in the transaction, and is subject to transfer only after verification.
  • Platform code. This code has been tested for security and errors. This became a guarantee of safe operation and protection against attacks from outside parties.
  • Support 24/7.
  • Consumer reputation. You can follow the seller through reviews and his personal rating. The rating system processes user requests within the shortest possible period.

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