International Banks in Puerto Rico for sale

International Banks in Puerto Rico for sale

Two international banks are for sale. Location: Puerto Rico, US territory.

Today Puerto Rico is one of the most popular international banking jurisdictions, which leads to a high level of competition. 60+ applications for new licenses are pending with regulators. That is why the most effective way to promote your business is to acquire a ready-made banking institution.

The main thing that an entrepreneur pays attention to when purchasing a bank is the reliability of its partners and the presence of FedWire.

The amount of initial capital that is required to start a business depends directly on the business model. In the event that you plan to make loans or add volatile assets to accounting, capital will become a complex issue for your business. In the case of managing a transactional banking institution, there are no problems with capital.

The acquisition of an international bank in the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico involves the following:

  1. Drawing up a business plan and a plan for compliance with requirements and standards.
  2. Formation of the board of directors.
  3. Negotiating with the seller.
  4. Signing the LOI.
  5. Conducting an audit of the banking institution and accounting records.
  6. Final agreement with the seller.
  7. Submission of an application for a change of management.
  8. Meet with regulators to introduce team members, to show your vision for doing business and your business plan.
  9. Negotiation of license terms.
  10. Obtaining the appropriate permission to change management.

The process by which the buyer meets the seller’s requirements, and the speed at which the transaction is closed are important. Each of the buyer’s employees and representatives will have to go through a compliance procedure. This procedure will include verification of biographical data by an independent expert. Thus, each of the shareholders, officers, investors and directors will have to go through compliance. Any amounts that go to the bank must be accounted for.

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