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Neobank for sale

April 5, 2023

Below you can see the basic information regarding the Neobank for sale

Neobank – whats included:

  • The company operates with three licenses:
    SPI in Poland;
    FMSB licensed company in Canada;
    Investment fund in Czech Republic.
  • The company generates iban: GB (UK) and IE (Ireland) Euro/Pound
  • The company issues branded Visa cards;
  • Bank accounts in:
    – Monzo Bank (GBP);
    – PKO Bank Polski (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, PLN, JPY);
    – Santander (EUR USD GBP JPY CAD);
    – BVVA Spain (EUR);
    – Caixabank Spain (EUR);
    – Santander Spain (EUR);
    – Kraken PRO (Crypto-multi-currency).
  • Customized software: online cryptobank and core banking;
  • The institution started customer onboarding in February 2023.

You can buy operational Neobank and start your business as soon as possible.

Asking price: on a request.

For details:

Telegram: @dmitriyELI

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