Fully licensed EMI UK company

Fully licensed company EMI UK. We are able to offer a brand new UK complete electronic institution (EMI) (with EU passports) including FCA approved banking and software.

We can deliver this company with a full EMI license to the buyer within 35 days (the buyer must meet all FCA requirements). This is the fastest way to get a full EMI license in the whole EU without comparison.

The company has a license for permitted activities:

  1. Services allowing to place funds on a payment account
  2. Services that allow you to withdraw cash from a payment account
  3. Execution of payment transactions (not covered by a credit line)
  4. Execution of payment transactions (covered by a credit line)
  5. Issuance of payment instruments or purchase of payment transactions
  6. Remittance
  7. Execution of payment transactions through a telecom operator, IT system or network operator.
  8. Electronic money issuance

We and our FCA Compliance Officer will work closely with the buyer to transfer this EMI-licensed company. This is a great opportunity to purchase British Electronic Money Institute at a very low cost. The last sale to a British company, fully licensed by EMI, cost £ 5 million.

The price for this new EMI is £ 500,000. In addition, the buyer must prove reserves of € 350,000 for the FCA in accordance with EU general requirements.

Help with all the requirements of the FCA director, etc. included. The company may be sold on terms to the respective buyer. This is a one-time opportunity.

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