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Licence of investment funds

March 17, 2020

The license of investment funds is still quite demanded for some forms of business. The investment system also requires the registration and execution of certain documents.

Starting a commercial activity in Europe, each businessman is obliged to take care of obtaining a license of a certain state. She is needed to conduct business with partners of law firms and individual commercial entrepreneurs.

You can register an investment fund in any country, including offshore. The license is issued by the currency authority of the state in which the investment fund passed the initial registration.

The business owner has the right to conduct active marketing of his products only in the country where the investment fund license is obtained. An exception may be additional arrangements with the financial authorities of these states.

Do I need an investment fund document to implement your business?

The need to obtain this document is determined by the legal framework in which the fund has been registered and conducts commercial affairs. For example, offshore structures may not receive a license or apply for it according to a simplified procedure.

For example, a closed investment company that operates in the British Isles does not require a license.

Organizations that cooperate with professional partners get the opportunity to work without official paper, and their creation is provided only by the usual registration procedure.

But there are offshore companies that prefer to cooperate with investors who are represented by individuals. In this version, a license is required.

The document is issued by the financial authority of the country in which the registration of the offshore fund is transferred. An enterprise of this format must conduct all financial transactions in accordance with the established rules.


A license for an offshore fund is a document that guarantees the safety of investor capital and controls the legislative principles for conducting business. With a license, it’s easy to pursue a marketing policy.

Our company will be able to assist in creating its own investment fund. We undertake all efforts and will provide a guaranteed result.

The specialists of our company conduct consultations on the rights of corporate clients, on planning tax payments in the international financial market, international rules for obtaining licenses and accompanying your business.

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